Teacher Sex Scandal: Results

Dr. Phil speaks to Joelle's accuser by phone from his office. He says, "I'm going open these polygraph results at this point, and I'm going to go over them with you."

Here's a look at the relevant questions they cover:

A) Did you lie to me today when you told me you have had sexual relations with Joelle Ogletree?
Answer: No.

B) Today when you told me about having sexual contact with Joelle Ogletree in her classroom, were you lying to me?
Answer: No.

C) When you say to me today that you and Joelle Ogletree touched each other's genitals, is that statement to me a lie?
Answer: No.

Dr. Phil reads directly from the polygraph report. "'And it is my opinion that the examinee was practicing deception when answering these three relevant
questions. I then caused the polygraph results to be evaluated using computer algorithms. That analysis also determined that the examinee was practicing deception when answering the same three relevant questions.' So what do you think?" he asks.

"That's just great," says the former student. "That's very sickening. I know in my heart what happened, and to have a scientific tool contradict that, that's not good."

Back in his studio, Dr. Phil asks Joelle, "So what do you say about that?"

"Well, of course, I'm very pleased with the results," she says. She starts to say something, but then stops herself, saying instead, "It's hard to not be real ugly."

"Why is he perpetuating this lie in this way?" asks Dr. Phil.

"I expect [the former student] to go to his grave perpetuating this lie," she says. "His family is very prominent in the community. They present themselves as a very religious family. Honestly, I believe he did not want to get mixed up with this in the beginning, but he did, and I believe once he did he either has to say, 'I was involved with this person, and know that was wrong but I was a kid,' or he has to say, 'I told a lie, a lie that ruined this person's life,' and I think it's a less evil for him just to keep going on with it in his mind than have to damage his reputation."

"Well, I talked to his mother also on the phone," says Dr. Phil. "They believed these accusers because after you had your first child you started dressing provocatively and your behavior changed. They thought maybe you were in some kind of postpartum depression or something and trying to reclaim your youth or whatever " that you started dressing in a very different way, wearing your hair different, your clothes different and that made them suspicious, then when the boys said what they said that it rang true. What do you say to them about that?"

"First of all, if there were any problems with my dress or with my hair," says Joelle, "administration would have said something. I've heard in my licensing hearing that the students say I changed the way I dressed from their freshman year to their sophomore year. I was pregnant from September to May of their freshman year, so, yes, I did change the way I dressed that year to [their] sophomore year. As far as my hair, I'm a pretty blah person. It might change length a little bit. I don't understand how whatever miniscule change in my hair could mean I'm a pedophile."

"I do want to talk about what the school had to say about this situation," says Dr. Phil. "We contacted them, and through their lawyers they gave us a statement. Here is a portion of it, and it is just a portion because we had to edit it down"

'In the fall of 2002, administrators at the Glen Rose School District became aware of allegations of sexual misconduct between Ms. Ogletree and some of her students. Based upon the information from students, reports of inappropriate games being played in Ms. Ogletree's classroom, and finding copies of inappropriate notes written to a student by Ms. Ogletree, Ms. Ogletree was suspended. The District's concerns were confirmed by the subsequent investigations by state authorities which resulted in a grand jury handing down two criminal indictments against Ms. Ogletree. Her accusers passed polygraph tests and still maintain the allegations are true. The District believed then and now that it acted in an appropriate manner to protect its students. The District intends to vigorously defend itself against her claim for money damages.

" Thomas E. Meyers, Attorney for the Glen Rose Independent School District

Joelle states her reaction, quoting occasionally from the excerpt.

"I don't see how they can defend never speaking to me," she says. "An indictment does not mean you're guilty in any way. And there would have never been, in my opinion " and I believe my opinion is very strongly supported " there would have never been an indictment had I not fought back against the school district for what they did to me. All of the serious main allegations were not made by the students until those students met with the school district's attorneys after they knew I was about to sue them and received a letter from my attorney. For them saying their concerns were confirmed, how about I'm a clear teacher ... Their concerns have been totally shot down completely, 100 percent, including the games, including the notes."

"We asked you to take a polygraph and you declined," Dr. Phil reminds Joelle.

"My attorney, who is currently the one I am involved with in litigation, told me that he didn't want me to take it," she says. Gesturing to Tony, one of her attorneys, sitting in Dr. Phil's audience, she adds, "And you can ask him too."

Turning to Tony, Dr. Phil asks, "Why not?"

"She's already been found by the state of Texas to have not committed the conduct," he explains. "She's already taken a polygraph examination which she passed. She was not deceptive when she denied the allegations. Why take another test?"

Dr. Phil says, "There is another male student remaining who maintains he
had sexual relations with Joelle. His name is Matt and he's been, well, kind of missing, but we did just find him."

Come back tomorrow to see Joelle come face to face with one of her accusers. When Dr. Phil drills down into the details of the case, it's her word against his. Matt agrees to take a polygraph test and have the results reviewed by an independent examiner. Find out what the test reveals and how Matt reacts when he hears them read aloud. Hear both sides of this gripping sex scandal from the accuser and the accused, and judge for yourself if justice has been served.