Teacher Sex Scandal: Student 1

The Dr. Phil show spoke to one of Joelle's accusers who claims he passed a polygraph. The young man agreed to take another test, but his mother asked that his identity not be revealed.


Conducting the exam is licensed polygraph examiner, Bill Tygen, a former supervisor at the headquarters of the FBI Polygraph Unit, now a licensed private examiner in the State of Texas.

He says, "I record physiological reactions inside my examinee's body. The two long tubes go

around a person's chest. I'm going to put a blood pressure cuff on my examinee's arm. These clips measure electrical connectivity of his skin. The computer prints it out. It's my job to analyze it and see whether or not the person answered my questions truthfully."


Below is an excerpt from the session:

Bill: Did you lie to me today when you told me that you had sexual relations with Joelle Ogletree?
Examinee: No.

Bill: Today, when you told me about having sexual contact with Joelle Ogletree in her classroom, was that a lie?
Examinee: No.
Bill: Is there something else you're afraid I'll ask you a question about?
Examinee: No.
Bill: When you said to me today that you and Joelle Ogletree touched each other's genitals, is that statement a lie?
Examinee: No.

Because don't want their identities revealed, Dr. Phil speaks with the young man and his mother over the phone, though he encourages them to come forward.

After making introductions, Dr. Phil asks, "Can you kind of give me your best recollection of what has happened in this situation? How did you first learn about it?"

The former student's mother says, "I believe a female student had just been fed up with some of the things that were going on in this particular teacher's classroom and went to the office to report just some behavioral things that were going on that didn't seem normal to her."

"Such as?" Dr. Phil probes.

"That her appearance had changed quite a bit, that she had begun to dress like the students and acting like the students. She was a very popular teacher, and the kids liked the class because she would bring up sexual things, I guess, about her own self, flirting with the boys. My son was invited to a sleepover at her house and did spend the night there, which at the time I did not know or I wouldn't have allowed him to go."

Addressing her son, Dr. Phil cuts to the chase. "Did you have sexual relations with this teacher?" he asks.

"I did," says the former student.

"When was the first time you had sexual contact with her?" asks Dr. Phil.

"Well, I went into her classroom," he says. "We had decided to meet and we both were sitting behind her desk facing the front door. So, she would say something like, 'I bet you wouldn't put your hand down my skirt.' And I said, 'Yeah, I would. I sure would,' and I did. It was the type of skirt that kind of wraps around the girl, so I went in through a middle slit."
The former student continues, "I put my hand down her skirt and then into her panties, and then she did the same to me, and then for some reason we stopped, and I left, and we decided to do it again, and the second time I came in she was wearing jeans this time, and she was using her hand on me, on my bare skin, and it was a little more intense this time. And a student walked in, and we both jumped and put our hands on the desk, and we stopped for that day."
He continues, "During one of those instances, whether the first time or the second time, she changed her shirt in front of me, and I remember exactly what the bra looked like. It was a pink leopard bra. Now, I'm not innocent in any of this. I was egging it on. I was asking for it, so, I'm not the victim here."
"And how old were you at the time?" asks Dr. Phil.
"I was either 14 or 15," says the young man. "The final time, and where it got the worst was we had met again and we decided to lock the door this time. We locked the door, and there was a chair in the front of the room, and I went and sat in the chair. She straddled me for a little bit and did kind of a lap dance thing. And then we both moved to the floor in the middle of the classroom in between the desks. I had my pants down, and she had her skirt up. I was inside her panties with my hand, and she was using her hand on me. We were doing that for a while, and I had never been sexually active before so I was having to ask her what felt good and what to do. And then after a little bit of that she gave me **** for about five seconds and then stopped. And then at that point I think we both had kind of gotten to a point where it was very awkward because we knew we had gone pretty far, and I left."

The former student continues, "The hypocritical thing is that also at this time I claimed to be a Christian " I still do " and the only reason that we stopped was by the grace of God, because I had fantasies about my French teacher, and I wanted to go further. Just the shame alone of doing this, of having her husband as a teacher, like two periods later, having to sit in front of him acting like everything was OK."


Dr. Phil asks Joelle for her reaction.

"The very first thing that I noticed was that he's changed what he has said basically all along," says Joelle. "He was very specific about what started everything was that " he said his sophomore year I was doing color guard with the marching band, and that he came into my room first period and watched me change out of my color guard clothes into my regular clothes." She explains why this is an impossibility. "When [the accuser] said that, I was doing color guard, but the year before I didn't do color guard. I taught a first period English class."

Dr. Phil finds her lack of emotion perplexing. "I just would expect somebody being falsely accused would be upset about those things," he says. "And you're just kind of like, 'Well, OK, let me go over five points that I think are particularly relevant in this situation.'"

"What made me most mad when I heard that " " says Joelle, "This is my opinion " that he has found out now that I can prove that he lied, and so he's telling you something different. He just told you something different. He is taking out part of his story that I can prove is a lie."

Dr. Phil tells Joelle, "You commented that you heard me say that people who have actually been in a situation remember and report details. That's a pretty detailed accounting. Because I asked him, 'You say you put your hand in her skirt. Did you go through the top or did you come through the bottom?' He said, 'Well, actually she had on a wraparound. I came in from the side.' He said that without delay in a very spontaneous way. Did you own that kind of skirt?"


"The only thing I have wraparound, my aunt got me from the Bahamas. And no, it's a pool thing. I don't wear wraparound skirts," says Joelle. "One of his first statements was 'I went down her pants, or skirt or whatever,' only to later say that I was wearing a skirt, and he knew that I was wearing a skirt because he requested that I wear a skirt. If it happened, he would know, was I wearing a skirt at his request or " "

"Well, actually he said he requested you wear a skirt the third time, not the first time," Dr. Phil clarifies. "The first time was at the desk looking at the folder, the second time were jeans, and the third time was when you were sitting on the floor, and he said he did request that you wear a skirt on that day. And he did say that."

"Right," says Joelle, "but before, he had said that he went down my 'skirt, or pants or whatever,' talking about that time."

"He says that you performed oral sex on him," Dr. Phil reminds Joelle, "and again, I'm giving you the opportunity to say that absolutely did not happen."
"Thank you," she says. "No, it did not happen. And one time he says that I removed his penis from his boxers and performed oral sex on him. Another time, later, he said that he had to coax me, and he had to ask me several different times. If it happened, and you're describing how it happened, how did it happen? Those are two very different descriptions. If it happened, he should know how it happened."
"No lap dance," says Dr. Phil.
"No," she says.
"Well, obviously there are two sides to every story and certainly multiple sides to this one," says Dr. Phil. "You say there's your side, and then this particular accuser has a whole bunch of sides that are inconsistent and contradict each other so we asked him if he would take a polygraph test."
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