Fractured Family
"Why is the focus on him and him prospering, and my children have been the victims, and we're second best?" Ted's ex-wife, Patti, asks in a taped interview.
"I don't want anything else to do with him," says Ted's youngest daughter, Jenay, with whom he had a confrontation. "I don't want him involved in my life or my children's lives."
Patti and her daughter, Julia, join Dr. Phil onstage. Ted remains on the line from his treatment facility.
"You guys are glad that Ted is in rehab, right?" Dr. Phil asks the women.
"Absolutely," they reply. Patti shares what she wants most for her ex-husband. "I want him to heal. I want him to become more attached, spiritually, and to surround himself with people who are in favor of his recovery."
[AD]"Do you believe he can do it?" Dr. Phil asks.
"I know he can. All things are possible," Patricia responds.
Julia shares her wishes for her father. "I want him to be sober. I want him to be happy and live a prosperous life," she tells Dr. Phil.
Ted greets his loved ones jovially. "I'm really, really trying to get myself healthy. I have been given somewhat of a bill of health, which I'm very, very glad for," he reports. Then he teases, "I've gained a little bit of weight in a little amount of time, so I know whatever time remains on this journey, I will be a porky fellow."
Dr. Phil mentions that when he last sat down with Ted's brood, several of them speculated that other siblings were enabling their father's behavior. Now, Julia says she refuses to speak to her sister, Jenay, because Jenay made it seem as if she were smuggling liquor to their dad in his hotel room.
"Did y'all get alcohol for Ted?" Dr. Phil asks Julia.
"Not to him, specifically," she replies.
"Did he drink some of the alcohol you got?"
Ted explains his side of the story. "I've never commanded or ordered them to [buy alcohol]. I'm telling the truth. I've never given them any money to do so," he says. "Now, when they say, ‘Daddy, we've got a taste. Would you like one?' that was the gesture that was in. But there was no sneaking bottles out of the room."
[AD]"Julia, why are you upset with Jenay?" Dr. Phil inquires.
"She made me out to be an enabler, almost like I interfered with his sobriety," she replies. "That hurt me."
"Did you interfere with his sobriety?"
"No, sir," she replies. She tells Dr. Phil that her father had already been drinking.
"We came, initially, to embrace Ted. From the beginning, I knew that he needed help, but this has been blown out of proportion," Patti chimes in. "I think there are people who enabled Ted, who have gotten things for him, who have not been mentioned."
[AD]Ted expresses regret that his relatives are divided. "I want my family to be together and speak so we can all end up on a Honolulu beach," he declares. "I'm looking forward to getting all my kids and grandkids assembled, so we can continue to have family reunions like we used to have."
"The number one thing that you can do to help heal your family, to help heal your relationships with each of your children, to do everything that this family wants, needs and deserves is for you to get clean and sober and completely " mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually " healthy, so you can stand as a leader in this family," Dr. Phil says. "It starts with you."
Dr. Phil warns Ted about the stranglehold addiction can have on people, especially if they don't rid their environment of toxic elements.
"Ted, you know your family is not a big fan of some of the people in your life, including your girlfriend, Kathy. Correct?" Dr. Phil asks.
"That's correct, sir," Ted replies.
"Are they correct that you're hanging with some of the wrong people, if you want to get your life back on track?"
"I've been with this woman, off and on, for quite some time " over 15 years," Ted answers. Then he concedes, "Yes, they're right."
"How are they right?" Dr. Phil probes.
[AD]"We used [drugs] together," Ted shares. "She's not healthy for me, at this point in my life, and I'm not healthy for her."
Dr. Phil turns back to Ted's ex-wife. "Along the way, Patti, did you talk to Ted about his addiction?" he asks.
Patti discusses how she tried to intervene.
Ted reveals what frightens him most about his journey to sobriety.