A Family in Turmoil
“My daughter, Autumn, is 16. She is raising a baby,” Michelle says. “Taten was 17 years old when he got Autumn pregnant. He turned 18 three weeks later. He just barely skated by without it being statutory rape. If it had been up to me, he’d be in jail right now.”

“My daughter’s name is Emma. She’s 3 months old,” Autumn says. “Taten is a cheater, and he is a liar. He has cheated on me more than six or seven times since we have been together. Almost all of them have been my friends. He cheated on me when I was pregnant, and he cheated on me three times after she was born.”

“This whole situation has completely ripped our family apart,” Michelle says tearfully. “I felt very betrayed that Autumn got pregnant at such a young age. I had done everything I thought I was supposed to do.”

“I feel for Taten in a very confusing way,” Autumn admits. “I do still care about him, and I do still love him, but Taten can sit there and tell me he loves me, and I’m the only one, and then can turn around and have sex with other girls.”

[AD]“I want to let Taten know that you can’t have your cake and eat it too your whole damn life. It’s ridiculous,” Michelle says with disgust. She says she's still adjusting to the fact that her daughter is a mother. “It’s a really hard thing to go through. I still have a hard time trusting her, and that trust is gone.”

“Even though my family doesn’t like him and doesn’t approve of him, if he did change, I wouldn’t mind being with him,” Autumn admits.

“Autumn is easily manipulated,” Michelle says. “I don’t want Taten to have anything to do with Autumn. The best thing that he can do for her is to just leave her alone, and maybe someday she can find a good boy who’s going to be good for her and Emma. If it were up to me, I wish Taten would just fall off the face of the Earth.”
“Do you really like this guy?” Dr. Phil asks Autumn.

“Yeah,” she says with a smile. About whether she’s in love, Autumn says that she’s not sure. “There’s so much that he does that can make me love him, but then there’s so much that he does that makes me can’t stand him.”

Dr. Phil asks Autumn what she loves about the 18-year-old. She says he can be sweet, and funny and can be good with his daughter — when he’s around.

Dr. Phil asks for details about how Taten is sweet.

“He treats me [well],” she says. “He stands up for me against other people. He’s there for me when I’m crying or when I need him to be. He does things for me that normally other people won’t do, like open doors for me, make food for me, just courtesy-type things.” Autumn admits Taten wasn’t supportive of her throughout her pregnancy.  

Dr. Phil has some hard questions for Autumn and her mother.

[AD]“So, you started having sex when you were 14, you got pregnant at 15, you’re now a mother at 16, and he has sex with other girls,” Dr. Phil says to Autumn.

“All the time,” Autumn says.

“But yet, you say, ‘I’d still be with him,’” he says.Taten says he knows Autumn’s family wants nothing to do with him but says he doesn’t care.

“I try my best to be a good father,” Taten says in a previous interview. “I don’t pay child support because I’m not employed right now. I’ve been trying to get a job. I’ve been working with my friend for free the past couple weeks, hoping to get a job.

“I don’t care what Autumn’s family thinks about me. I’m the type of person, like, if you don’t like who I am, then go find somebody else to like, because I’m not changing for anyone; this is me. Autumn’s mom is already trying to take control of Emma, and I can’t stand it. It aggravates me so much, but I can’t say anything about it because Autumn doesn’t want anything bad to happen. She doesn’t want her mom to take me to court, make me pay child support. That’s why I keep my mouth shut. I know what I would say to her mom. I would tell her, ‘Quit being so selfish,’ and quit doing what she’s doing because she’s going to wind up in jail if she keeps it up. Autumn’s father has threatened to kill me, he’s threatened to beat me up, and I’ve held my tongue through it all.

“My biggest regret would have to be cheating on Autumn. Right now, my relationship with Autumn is on the fritz. We’ve been getting into arguments a lot lately. I’m willing to do just about anything to get Autumn back. You know, I love her,” Taten says.

Taten joins the conversation. Dr. Phil asks him, “Why did you get her pregnant?”

“I didn’t plan on getting her pregnant,” Taten says.

“Did anybody say, ‘You know what? Time out here. I don’t know that I’m protected here, and you’re not using a condom, come on, somebody needs to think here’? Did y’all have that conversation?” Dr. Phil asks the teens.

“It was pretty much just the heat of the moment,” Taten says.

“Where did this happen, by the way?” he asks.

“My friend’s brother’s house,” Autumn says. After further questioning, she admits it took place in Taten’s truck.

Dr. Phil asks Taten about his current living situation.  

[AD]Taten says he is currently living with his grandparents, is working for a friend for free and has no vehicle. Taten says he had a hard time believing that Autumn was pregnant at first, but then her father called and threatened him, so he knew it was real. He admits he wasn’t around until the end of Autumn’s pregnancy.

“But you started seeing other girls and having sex with other girls,” Dr. Phil says.

“Yes,” Taten admits.