Teen Wake-Up Calls: Briana

Teen Wake-Up Calls: Briana

"Our biggest problem with Briana is her promiscuity. She feels like she wants to have sex with just about anybody," worries Kim.

Briana sees no reason for her mother to be alarmed. "Sex is not a big deal to me," she shrugs. "My mom is overreacting."

Kim believes that her child has been promiscuous since age 12 or 13. "In the eighth grade, she had the reputation of being a slut," she reveals. 

Briana admits to having sex at a younger age. "I've been sexually active since I was 11. I've had seven sexual partners. I don't think it is that many for my age," she says. 

Kim is also bothered that her daughter refuses to use protection. "Briana will ask if they have any diseases. If they say no, she will say, 'It's OK. Do not use a condom,'" she discloses.

"I like having unprotected sex," Briana declares. "If I trust a guy enough, then I shouldn't have to worry about it."

Kim was recently alerted about her daughter's escapades by the state police. "Briana was caught having sex with a 23-year-old man in the backseat of his car. I was shocked and mortified," she says. "Briana's future to me looks grim. I do see her contracting a disease, HIV or AIDS, and that's a sad outlook for a mother to have for her child."

Dr. Phil has a taped message for Briana. "Your mom is not the only one who's concerned about you. I am too. You're getting ready to meet some young women who are going to share their stories with you. I hope it begins to be a wake-up call for you," he says.

Briana meets with Ashley Rock, an HIV counselor at Light Health and Wellness Comprehensive Services, Inc. "I brought in some HIV positive wome

n and a young man to talk to Briana about how it is to live with HIV," Ashley says.

Angela W., 24, tells Briana, "I've been HIV positive since I was 17."

Randy says, "I'm 26 now, so I've been living with HIV for 13 years."

Another woman says, "Sex is not everything. You don't need it. Some days,

I want to kill myself because I have this. You have the opportunity to live your life. I don't have a support system. You have it."

Angela J. urges Briana to make wise decisions. "You have the opportunity to not be [HIV] positive right now. I wish I could have that opportunity again," she laments.

After her visit, Briana reflects on the reality check Dr. Phil arranged for her. "Today just shows me how real it is to have HIV and how rough it is. It scares me that you can get so many other diseases while having HIV," she says.

She and her mom share a tearful hug.

Addressing Kim, Dr. Phil says, "Do you know what I'm talking about when I say you've told her things that I think may not have been in her best interest?"


"Probably some things in my past," Kim replies.


"What did you tell her about being a product of rape?" Dr. Phil inquires.

"I did tell her that it was not a pleasant experience, that [her biological father] did not want anything to do with her afterwards," she says. 

"You said you were raped," Dr. Phil clarifies.

"Yes," Kim says. She reveals that Briana was 13 when she learned about it. 

Dr. Phil says, "Did it seem age-appropriate to you to visit this reality upon a 13-year-old child?"

"It wasn't the full story at 13," Kim stresses.

Dr. Phil turns to Briana. "Everybody in this world looks for something that makes them special, something that makes people want to be with them. It's currency," he explains. "Your currency is sex. You've gotten to a point where that's something you have to offer. I think that sometimes when kids go through a history where they don't have a real good self-esteem, then they'll find that one thing that they can do where they get some attention, and they feel really special in the moment."

Dr. Phil assures Briana that she has so much more to offer than her body. "You're really sweet spirited, aren't you? You're really a nice girl," he praises her. "You're intelligent, and you're healthy and vibrant and young. You have so many different currencies to offer."


It's not too late for Briana to turn her life around. "You've got to say, 'You know what? I'm going to save my own life. I'm going to protect myself here. I'm going to use my life.' You don't have the right to do this," Dr. Phil says. "I'll promise you there are people right now who are dying from AIDS and other diseases who would say, 'I would give anything to have a chance to do it over.' You've got the chance and you need to take it!"