Teen Wake-Up Calls: Dr. Phil and Robin

Teen Wake-Up Calls: Dr. Phil and Robin

"With everyone's life moving at laser-speed these days, it's becoming more and more difficult to communicate with loved ones. Our youngest is so busy with college and pursuing his music, he's disappeared. One of the ways we keep in touch is sending video messages of things he's missing at home. It's a great way to guilt-induce, tantalize," Dr. Phil jokes. He and Robin make a mini movie on their Sony DVD Handycam to entice Jordan to return to the nest.

Robin shows off a chocolate cake and Jordan's favorite cookies that she baked. "I know school is almost out, and I have been counting the days, so please, baby, the minute you take that last test, I want you home!" she says.

Even their dog, Maggie, gets in on the act, doing dog tricks.

Jordan comments on the disk his parents made. "You had me at chocolate cake. I'll come home for Maggie. You get one phone call," he says sarcastically, flipping open his cell. "Hey Mom, you got me."


All the families on the show will receive a Sony DCR-DVD505 Handycam.