Bullied to the Extreme
"Tell me why you think you started doing this?" Dr. Phil asks Allie.

"Honestly, I think it's because of the bullying in high school," Allie says.

"I think that may have driven her," Anna says. "She had a tough two years " really tough. I forced her to go to school every day."

Allie says other kids threw things at her and called her every derogatory name imaginable. She says she'd sit in the locker room and cry. Despite teachers, the principal and other adults witnessing the harassment, she says they did nothing.

"I feel guilty because she asked me to move her out of the school, and I didn't," Anna adds.

[AD]As Dr. Phil asks Allie if she felt alone and isolated, she breaks down in tears. "It's easy for you to go back to that pain just like that," he says as he snaps his fingers.

Allie says it's not easy for her to open up, but she'd try to tell her mother the pain she was in. She says despite this, no one did anything.

"That changed who you were," he says. "It changed what you said to yourself."

"I used to be the best person to be around. Now I'm miserable," she says.

"That does change you. That does have an effect on you. At that time, drugs offered an escape. It eased the pain for a period of time. You could numb yourself from it " you could escape from it," Dr. Phil says to Allie, and then turns to Anna. "Behaviors often start for one reason, and continue for a very different reason. When you are in pain, you seek a way to escape the pain," he turns back to Allie. "For you, it was drugs. Those people aren't there to bully you anymore, but you start playing that tape in your head, and then the drugs start controlling you. There's an addiction that takes over."

"You are better than what you are doing."

Dr. Phil offers Allie the resources to begin to start coping with her painful memories and present addiction. "It's time for you to be the star in your own life," Dr. Phil tells her. "You know what's a home run for me? If in a year from now, you can look back on this day and say, ‘On that day, somebody acknowledged the pain I was experiencing. On that day, somebody believed in me that I could turn this around. On that day, I started down a different path. And, on this day, one year later, I've got my power back " and I'm going to do something with my life.' That's the home run for me."

[AD]"I just wake up every day so depressed," Allie says. "I hate it. I don't know why."

"Let's find out," Dr. Phil says. "We're going to make this a quest. You may have gotten robbed of a couple years, but what I want is for you to give yourself back the rest of your life."