Teen's Pregnancy 2: After the Taping

After the Taping

Brittney has just had the baby. The newborn is now in the hands of the adoptive family selected by Brittney and the baby's biological father.

"I knew that it was the right decision to place him for adoption. We chose a family that we've known for several months now, and we've really gotten to know," Brittney says.

[AD]"What I wanted, or Dale wanted, or our family wanted, really had no bearing on her answer, and we were very firm with Brittney letting her know that this was a choice she was to make," Kelly says, becoming emotional. "I'm extremely proud of Brittney. She did something I never could have done."


"I absolutely wish the baby well, and I know that he'll be well taken care of. That's part of why I feel so good about my decision," Brittney says.