Teen's Pregnancy 2: Brittney's attitiude

Teen's Pregnancy 2: Brittney's attitiude

"In the very first few months of her pregnancy, Brittney had a really tough time. She was kind of ranting and raving at us and telling us things that we've never heard before, like, ‘I hate you,' and storming out of the house," Kelly shares. "But now, today, we're kind of all back on track, coping as a normal family."

"The first couple of months are always difficult. I was hot. I'm telling you, I was mad. There's no way I could hide those emotions. I felt betrayed, I felt lied to," Dale says. "I think your kids kind of have to know how disappointed you are so they know where you stand."


Dale and Kelly say Brittney doesn't seem fazed by her pregnancy. "She's going through life as happy, everyday Brittney," Kelly says.


"She doesn't really like to get emotionally involved in things," Dale reveals. "She doesn't cry at movies, and I don't care what movie it is. She won't cry. She doesn't cry at funerals."


"She doesn't even want me to hug her. She doesn't like to be touched," Kelly adds. "She's kind of handling everything, because I'm trying to somewhat keep my distance. This is my grandbaby."

"I think she's going to have this baby, and then she's going to move on," Dale says.


"Part of me feels that there's no way she's capable of raising a baby," Kelly says. 


[AD]"If she's the driver of this whole bus that we're all on, she's going to pick her route," Dale says. "I will not be involved with the baby. Not at all. For me, it's just, this is her deal, and that's it."


Kelly reveals her feelings about being out in public with an expectant teen who is now showing. "This is bad of me to say, but there are times when I'm embarrassed to be seen with a pregnant teen. I'm still fairly young that this baby could be mine," she says. "Sometimes you get dirty looks from people, and it makes your feel like, maybe I wasn't the mom that I could've been, and I know I've done the best I could. You know, everything you hear them say, ‘Talk to your children early, 8, 9 years old, talk to them about birth control.' I did all of that, and here we are today."

Dr. Phil is joined by Dale, Kelly and Brittney. "If this baby arrived today, what would your decision be about what to do with this child?" he asks the teen.

"Place for adoption," she says. "After talking to my boyfriend about it, that's what we decided would be best for the baby."

"How do you think about it, how do you feel about it, how do you relate to it?" Dr. Phil asks Brittney.

"I don't know. I'm not really bonding, because I know that I'm going to be placing it for adoption," she says. "I'm not making it a point to bond with the baby."

Dr. Phil asks Brittney how she reacts when she feels the baby kick.

"It's more something that just happens," she says.


Dr. Phil plays a video of Dale and Kelly expressing their feelings about Brittney's decision to place the baby for adoption.

[AD]"She thinks it's all going to be very easy for her. She feels that she can just pop that baby out and hand it somebody, and it's no big deal," Kelly says.


"My feelings with Brittney's decision to put the baby up for adoption are, ‘Be careful what you ask for,'" Dale says. "I won't be involved in the placement of the baby. I don't want to know who has the baby. I don't want to know where they live."


"This has been extremely tough. Giving a grandchild away, absolutely, there's sadness in that," Kelly shares.

When the video ends, Dr. Phil asks Kelly, "Do you think it will be harder than she thinks?"

[AD]"I do," she replies, fighting emotions.

Dale agrees.

"Are they right?" Dr. Phil asks Brittney.

"I'm prepared for it to be difficult, for it to be hard, but I feel strongly that in the end I'm still going to want to place for adoption," she says.

Despite Brittney's decision to place the baby with a family, her father thinks there's a chance she'll change her mind.


"Everybody's had their opinions on this thing: keep the baby, give the baby up for adoption. It's obviously not like our family is not capable of keeping the baby, but it's Brittney's decision, and it's her life," Dale says.


[AD]"There are a lot of things that you think about when your child is pregnant: keeping the baby, not keeping the baby. If she decided to keep the baby, she knows that we are here to support her. Could we all take care of it and make a nice family for this child? Absolutely," Kelly says. "There's always a worry or concern that she's absolutely going to change her mind. I've never had to make that decision, and I can't imagine having to make that decision."

"We ask her every week, ‘Are you still going to do this? Is the decision absolutely, 100 percent final?'" Dale shares. "It's never final until it's done."