When the Bullied Become Bullies
Michael, a self-described cyber bully, defends his actions.
Michael joins Dr. Phil in the studio. "You get that for the person who is being attacked, this can be a very painful issue, right?" Dr. Phil asks.
"Yes," Michael replies.
"We asked you about your opinions on cyber bullying, and one of the first things you said was, ‘The public tends to make it a really big deal, and this is just not an epidemic,'" Dr. Phil says.
Michael gives a sheepish laugh. "Yeah, apparently. I guess it is," he says.
"What do you think about what you're hearing from Dara and Catherine?"
[AD]Michael addresses the young ladies. "It actually is a really big problem. I had no idea any of this was going on and how seriously people were actually taking it," he says.
"A lot of people who have been cyber bullied, the easy thing to do is type back. But that only feeds the trolls, it feeds the cyber bullies. You know that's not the way to go at it," Parry says. 
Parry explains the four categories of cyber bullies.
Facing the camera, Dr. Phil issues a strong warning to cyber bullies: "You can run, but you can't hide behind that keyboard any longer. We are coming after you. We are no longer being the silent majority," he says.