The Dr. Phil Family Returns: Alexandra's Admissions: Katherine

Big News!
It’s been two years since Alexandra’s sister, Katherine, 21, has been on Dr. Phil. She joins the show via satellite.

“I understand that you have some big news that just may shock some folks,” Dr. Phil says to Katherine.

“Oh yeah, definitely,” she says. “My fiancé, Paul, and I are expecting our first baby any day. We’re having a little boy. I’m currently enrolled in some online classes so that I can stay home with the baby. In January, I go back to college." She says that she and Paul have been together for two years.

“How has the pregnancy gone?” Dr. Phil asks.

Katherine says that her parents were shocked and angry when they first discovered her pregnancy.

[AD]“What did you think at first?” Dr. Phil asks Erin. “Did you think that you were going to have to set up a dormitory [for all the kids]?”

“I was pretty angry,” Erin says. “I thought that I would end up with [child] number four.”

“I truly think congratulations are in order,” Dr. Phil tells Katherine. “I really wish you the absolute best.”

Katherine meets her baby boy!