The Dr. Phil Family Returns: Katherine

Dr. Phil's One-on-One with Katherine

Dr. Phil tells Katherine that he wants to help her. He learns that she was interrogated at her house, while her mom was taking her friend home.

"It was very scary," Katherine tells Dr. Phil. "I've never had anybody in my face like that before, especially with no one there to defend me."

Katherine breaks down as she recalls the events of the night.


[AD]"This is a time that we need to close ranks," Dr. Phil says. "Your mother is going to be right there. Your dad is going to be right there." He adds that he will also offer help.

"What are you doing in a car with people who are selling stuff that they've stolen?" Dr. Phil asks Katherine. "How are you picking your friends?"

"My boyfriend and I, we didn't really know them," she says. "They asked me to do them a favor, because they were in trouble, and I just figured I would help them out." She drove them to the pawn shop.

"Did you know they were selling stolen stuff?" Dr. Phil asks.

"Yes," she replies.

[AD]"One of the things you've got to learn to do is to say no, and you've got to learn to put yourself first," Dr. Phil tells the teen.

"I wasn't thinking at all," she admits.

Dr. Phil tells Katherine that she will end up in court, and the judge will see a long list of her indiscretions and think she is a bad kid. "That's what we have to stop and get away from," he says.

Dr. Phil asks Katherine if she's in love with her 20-year-old boyfriend.

"Yeah, I love him very much," she says through tears.

"Why is he in jail?" Dr. Phil asks.

Katherine explains that his friend stole goods, and he was trying to get them back, but he couldn't. "That's why they arrested me," she says. "They put everything else on him, because he was the only one cooperating."

Dr. Phil asks Katherine why her boyfriend would take the rap for someone he met only three times.

[AD]"He was afraid they would come after him and his family, or me," she says.

"You've told your lawyer that your boyfriend is a bad guy who threw you under the bus," Dr. Phil says.

Katherine denies that. "His friends [threw me under the bus]," she clarifies.

"What you're telling me is you're guilty of being stupid," Dr. Phil says.

Katherine agrees.


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