Why Didn't She Run?

Phillip Garrido was arrested when U.C. Berkeley police officers interviewed him and thought the young girls with him were suspicious: pale skin, blank stares, and robotic behavior. The police contacted his parole officer and learned he was a registered sex offender, who supposedly didn't have any children.

In 2006, a phone call tipped off police to suspicious activity involving young children in the backyard of Garrido's home. A sheriff's deputy came to the house but did not know Garrido's status as a sex offender and did not enter the property. Contra Costa County Sheriff Warren Rupf offered an apology for the missed opportunity to free Dugard: "Organizationally, we should have been more inquisitive, more curious, and turned over a rock or two. I cannot change the course of events, but we are beating ourselves up over this and will continue to do so."

[AD]There was a three-month period of time when Garrido violated his parole and went back to jail. Some question why Jaycee didn't try to escape during that time. Dr. Phil explains, "When you go into this kind of control, the number one tool of an abuser is isolation. We don't know what he said to this girl. He may have said, ‘We killed your whole family.' He may have driven her around for hours and hours with a blindfold. She didn't know if she was in Siberia or Tahoe. You don't know. She was kept in a room, she's 11, she's very vulnerable and very young." Additionally, in response to post traumatic stress, the brain can shrink and emotional reactions dull to go into survival mode.

Clint Van Zandt says there should be a new law for guys like Garrido.


"We know there is a fair chance he also molested these two daughters," Dr. Phil says.

Dr. Bryant-Davis agrees, adding that there is a degree of emotional abuse or religious abuse as well, since Garrido claimed he could speak to God and had a device in which he could hear God's thoughts.

[AD]Dr. Phil shows Garrido's manifesto called Origin of Schizophrenia Revealed, which entails bible verses and supposedly a cure for sexual aggression. "It gives you an idea of the narcissistic grandiose personality that we're dealing with here, and what this little girl was subjected to," Dr. Phil says.

To read Garrido's manifesto, courtesy of KRON-TV, San Francisco, click here.