Jeremy's Turn
When it's Jeremy's turn to take the lie detector test, Howard Swabash, the polygraph examiner, tells him, "I will pass you on this test if you're telling 100 percent the truth. You know in your heart if you did it or not."


Howard instructs Jeremy to close his eyes to think about every question, and to breathe normally. He also tells Jeremy to uncross his legs, so both of his feet are on the floor. When Howard asks Jeremy if he'd done anything to compromise the test results, Jeremy answers, "I wouldn't have the slightest inkling of a clue even how to do that."

Before Dr. Phil opens the envelope containing Jeremy's test results, he asks Howard if he had determined Jeremy had not taken any illegal drugs before taking the test. Howard answers yes. Dr. Phil then asks Howard if all the test results were double-checked by an independent review board. Again, Howard answers yes.


Dr. Phil says, "I noticed you were telling Jeremy to be still during this and stop moving around. What was going on there?"


Howard answers, "I wanted to make sure that he did not employ any countermeasures to defeat the tests."  He was concerned that Jeremy was trying to beat the polygraph; there are hundreds of Web sites with tips on how to do it. "What people don't know is, I read these sites and I also go to federal and state institutions to learn how to counteract countermeasures," Howard adds.


Dr. Phil asks Jeremy if he was indeed trying to beat the test.


Jeremy scoffs and says, "Like I said, I wouldn't have any idea how to do that."

"Do you have access to a computer?" Dr. Phil asks.


Jeremy answers, "At the library, yes."


"Do you know how to use a computer?" Dr. Phil asks.


"I know how to get on my e-mail. That's about it," Jeremy answers.


Dr. Phil looks through his notes. "Do you have an e-mail address that is analbastard@[censored].com?" he asks.


Jeremy answers, "Yes, I do."


Dr. Phil reads the results of Jeremy's polygraph.


"Question number one: Have you ever put your tongue into Kaylee's mouth while kissing her. Your answer was ""


"No," Jeremy answers.


"The results are that that is deceptive," Dr. Phil says. "Question number two: Have you ever touched Kaylee's vagina for your own sexual gratification. Your answer was ""


"No," Jeremy says.


Dr. Phil says, "The result is that is deceptive." Bonii is in tears, and Krista is visibly shaken.


Dr. Phil reads the next two questions: Whether Jeremy knew for sure how Kaylee's labia became torn; if he put his penis or anything else into Kaylee's vagina. Jeremy answered no to both questions and the test results say that in both cases he was being deceptive.

The only indication that Jeremy was telling the truth was on the final question: Whether or not he had ever taken inappropriate photos of Kaylee. Jeremy answered no, and the test result indicated he was being truthful.


Dr. Phil asks Jeremy, "Are you still maintaining that you've done nothing inappropriate with this child?"


Jeremy answers, "You're damn straight I am."