The Lie Detector Tests, Part Two: Jeremy and Krista

Hope for the Future

Addressing Krista and Bonii, Dr. Phil says, "You two are completely convinced that she has been molested by Jeremy because he has failed a polygraph test."

Krista responds, "And because [Kaylee] says it."

Turning to Jeremy, Dr. Phil says, "What do you think the mother of this child should do, given the information she has now about this polygraph exam?"

"That is a very good question," Jeremy replies.

"Should she allow the child to be with you without supervision?" Dr. Phil probes. 

"That's a tough question. I understand where she's sitting. If the tables were turned, if it were her or one of her boyfriends and I was accusing them, and all this were turned around, I understand," Jeremy says. 

"Should she allow this child to be with you, given the information that she has?" Dr. Phil reiterates.

"I'll take multiple lie detector tests. I'm not going to sit here and say I'll take a lie detector test until I pass it," Jeremy clarifies. "Obviously, I failed it. Why? I don't know. Have I ever touched Kaylee? No."

"Do you need professional help?" Dr. Phil asks Jeremy. 

Jeremy answers, "I need professional help getting through this stuff. You fail a polygraph test, what do you think that does to me, in my head? I know I didn't do this." 

Bonii chimes in, "This show is not about you. It's about Kaylee." 

"As somebody in Kaylee's life, do you need professional help? You've talked about the fact that you hear voices screaming in your head on a pretty regular basis," Dr. Phil tells Jeremy. "I talked about that when we did the first show that we did with you. I talked about the fact that you work in a highly stressful situation, near molten, hot substances, and you have a real fear of falling in there, or seeing someone fall in there, and there's a lot of yelling and screaming, and this really haunts you in your head."

When Dr. Phil asks Jeremy again if he needs professional help, Jeremy replies, "I'm already getting professional help. I'm already seeing a psychiatrist."

"But are you dealing with the issues that need to be dealt with?" Dr. Phil inquires. 

"I think we're working on it. I think that my doctor needs to be aware of what happened today, and then it's his job to find out why," Jeremy replies.

"What do you want for Kaylee?" Dr. Phil asks Jeremy. 

"I want to be with Kaylee. She's my daughter. I've never touched her. I never will. Not in any way, shape or form that could be construed as inappropriate," Jeremy maintains. "I love my daughter. I want to have a life for her."

Turning to Danielle, Dr. Phil asks, "What do you want to see happen with Kaylee?"


She replies, "I want to find out for sure what happened with him before I can even answer that." 


Dr. Phil maintains that he is an impartial party who is only presenting evidence of alleged molestation. "Short of somebody seeing this, short of [Jeremy] confessing to it, nobody can know. Is a polygraph perfect? It is not. It is a good tool. It is certainly an adjunct to an investigation and has a high degree of reliability. Is it flawless? Of course it's not," he explains. "What I do know is that there are enough signs that point to 'yes' here that I am required, and intend within the next 24 hours, to inform Child Protective Services in your area exactly what is going on, as is my professional responsibility to do. The whole point here is Kaylee."

Addressing Krista, Dr. Phil says, "You have no doubt that she has been inappropriately touched by Jeremy."

"I have no doubt," she replies.

"As a parent, you have to proceed with that consideration. You have to treat that as reality," Dr. Phil advises. "Now, the first thing that has to happen here is you have to calm down. You know what I criticized before about all the histrionics with the child. I don't like for children to see parents fighting in front of them. It changes who they are. Children have this unique ability to blame themselves when they see people they love in pain ... I'll promise you that is a possibility with Kaylee."


Dr. Phil says that in spite of the conflict that has arisen from the molestation accusations, there is still hope for Kaylee's future. "Children are very resilient, but I definitely believe that there needs to be professional help in this situation. If you're willing to accept it, I'm going to arrange that for you immediately, and get her focus back on being an innocent little girl."

Dr. Phil says that based on Krista's assumption that Jeremy has molested their daughter, "You have to petition everybody involved, Child Protective Services, the court " everyone who can and will listen " to not allow him the opportunity to do that ever, ever again."


Turning to Jeremy, Dr. Phil says, "If this was us sitting here talking about a boyfriend on her part, you would want exactly the same thing."


"Yeah," Jeremy says.


Addressing Krista, Dr. Phil says, "What happens with that is up to the court, it's up to Child Protective Services, their recommendations, and what the court will do. But you've got to do everything you can to protect her."


Krista interjects, "That's what I've been doing. I already knew before the test."


"But you can do that without being histrionic about it. You can do that without subjecting her to all the machinations of all of that, because she pays the price for that," Dr. Phil says. "I told you before, I didn't criticize your concern. I criticized the hysterical, animated, crying, yelling, fighting, taping, tug-of-war that was going on with this child. That is not something a child should be subjected to."

Dr. Phil says that Kaylee will probably require professional help from a skilled child psychologist. "We'll find that and we'll arrange it for her. I'm very, very sensitive to not over-treating children. The last thing we want her to do is label herself."


Pointing out that Krista is 20 years old and has three children, Dr. Phil says, "You need to stop having children for a while."


"I know," Krista says.


Turning to Jeremy, Dr. Phil says, "We will communicate with your psychiatrist, and let him know what's going on, so he can do whatever he thinks is appropriate in this situation."


"I'm willing to, in any way, shape or form, take this to the next step. What about taking a test on my part that I have absolutely no control of? I'm willing to go under hypnosis," Jeremy vows.


"You can do anything you want," Dr. Phil replies. "You should talk to your psychiatrist about that and see if he feels that that's an appropriate investigative tool to find out what's going on with you."