The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge: Check-Ups: Monika

Dr. Phil has a huge surprise for Monika, who's almost at her goal weight.
Monika talks about who she was before she started her weight loss journey with Dr. Phil. "I wasn't happy. It was just a 20-year battle of yo-yo dieting," she says. "My husband was my biggest critic before the Challenge. The fatter I got, the more ridiculed I would get."

When the Challenge began, she revealed to Dr. Phil that her father had mistreated her, leaving her fearful and ashamed. "That changed my life forever when [Dr. Phil] connected the dots for me as far as carrying the abuse from my childhood," she says. "The Weight Loss Challenge has truly changed my life."

The Challenge has also changed her marriage. "My relationship with Sam has changed 180 degrees. Now he's become my biggest cheerleader," she explains. "I've got a new outlook on life. Dr. Phil threw me a lifeline. He gave me the tools to have a life. And now, to be able to help somebody else, is just what life's all about," she adds, referring to the local Weight Loss Challenge she's spearheading in Goldsboro, N.C.

The audience cheers as she shows off her new figure.

"The weight loss has been a side effect of changing my thinking, and it's affected every area of my life. There's nothing that the seven keys has not touched," Monika says.

"What has been the hardest thing for you?" Dr. Phil asks.

"The hardest thing for me, to begin with, was connecting the dots from the abuse from my past and how it affected every decision I've made in my life," she says, emphasizing the importance of key one, right thinking, and the exercises in chapter two of The Ultimate Weight Solution.

With seven pounds to lose before reaching her goal weight, Monika will be the first Weight Loss Challenger to achieve her goal.

Recently, with Dr. Phil's blessing, Monika has been talking to the producers and doctors at "Extreme Makeover," and has been waiting to hear if she's been selected as a candidate. Dr. Jon Perlman, a leading plastic surgeon who works with that show, reveals that she has!

Dr. Perlman explains that Monika's surgeries will be divided into two separate procedures, during which she'll have a face lift, brow lift, upper and lower eyelid lift, neck lift, chin implant, breast augmentation, tummy tuck and liposuction for her love handles and knees.

"She's accomplished so much with Dr. Phil's diet. She's an inspiration to so many people, and I can't wait to see the outcome," says Dr. Perlman.

Asked why she so badly wants to get plastic surgery, Monika explains, "If I could look as beautiful as I feel on the inside for the first time in my life, then I'm truly going to be a beautiful person."