The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge: Dr. Phil's Family

The Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge: Dr. Phil's Family
Dr. Phil discusses weightloss with his sisters and nephew.
Dr. Phil's younger sister Brenda has struggled with her weight since her 30s and she has been following the Weight Loss Challenge since its first week.

Dr. Phil asks Brenda why she thinks she gained weight in the first place.

"I had made a conscious decision to be fat because we had fat in our family," she answers. "So it was OK if I was fat."

Brenda also blames her weight gain on an active social life, choosing fatty foods and a lack of exercise.

Since deciding to follow her brother's weight loss program, Brenda has started exercising regularly at Fort Sanders Health & Fitness Center ( and preparing healthy meals.

Since starting the Ultimate Weight Loss Challenge, Brenda has been appearing regularly on a local Tennessee TV station.

As a surprise, several women from the station who are members of Brenda's weight loss support group make an appearance on the show.

"She's wonderful," says one of the members. "She's an inspiration."

Assessing the enthusiasm and support of Brenda's group, Dr. Phil says, "You've got to surround yourself with like-minded people. Key #7 (in The Ultimate Weight Solution) is your social support. If you want to change your lifestyle, you've got to be around people who have the same goals."