Cheated and Betrayed

"I'm miserable. My marriage is miserable. I feel so trapped," says Tracy, who has been married to David for 13 years. "I haven't divorced David, because I can't afford it. David took out our home equity and a line of credit of $50,000 and gambled it on the Internet. He calls it investments. There are two foreclosures on the house. He told me that the note was sold to another lender, and they made money off of it, and therefore, our house is paid for. He keeps getting more and more into debt. He won't quit. I just can't take this anymore, being married to him."

[AD]Tracy felt her chance for an intervention was slipping away, so she left a frantic message for Dr. Phil producers: "There is all kinds of * going down at this house right now. My husband's making threats that he's not going on the show. I know something that he's doing is wrong, and he doesn't want anybody to know. I'm not going to be able to talk with Dr. Phil, and I'm not going to be able to get out of this mess."

David makes it to the show after all and listens from backstage. Dr. Phil takes a seat in front of Tracy in the audience.

"What in the world is going on here?" Dr. Phil asks.

"A bunch of lies, cheating, stealing " a big mess," she replies.

[AD]"What I hear you saying is that you want out of this situation, but you can't afford it. I hear you saying that he is putting you in jeopardy. You've got the IRS after you now," Dr. Phil observes. "If this is happening " if he's lying, cheating and stealing, and he's doing this with your name " if you're involved in this in any way, let me assure you, you can be held accountable for this. Is that your concern?"

"Yes, I'm very concerned about that," Tracy answers.

"If both of you wind up in jail, what's going to happen to those kids?"

"They'll end up in the foster care system. I don't know."

"Are you afraid of losing your home?" Dr. Phil asks Tracy.

"Yes, I am afraid that we're going to lose our home," she answers. "He just told me that he was going to get out of debt, and he didn't care how he was going to do it. I think part of the reason he said that is for his religious beliefs."

[AD]"Which religion says you don't have to pay your bills?" Dr. Phil muses. "Seems to me like lying, cheating and stealing is not consistent with any religious doctrine."

"He feels that if he's out of debt, he'll go to heaven."

"Is he involved in pornography?" Dr. Phil inquires.

Tracy responds that she has caught her husband with porn over the years.