A Slow Start

Kimberly and David agreed that Turn-About Ranch would be good for their girls, but getting them there was no easy task.

"When we got back from the show, it was a lot worse than before," Kimberly says. "The girls are at a point of no return."

"Alaina went out and drank some alcohol," David says. "Alexis came home the next day. This isn't going to get any better if we don't do something radical, so we're sending them out to the Turn-About Ranch."

[AD]"Alexis was very resistant," Kimberly says. "She actually ran away the night before the plane was supposed to leave. I just called the police and told them that I needed help finding her. Even at the airport when we arrived, Alexis wouldn't get out of the car. We got the help of the police to help escort her in."

Dr. Phil reminds Kimberly and David that the last time they appeared on the show, he told them they were at a crisis point with their daughters, and Alaina and Alexis needed to be taken out of the game and put into a safe, highly-structured environment where they would have to be accountable for their choices and behavior. He expresses his disappointment that they waited two months before they took them to the ranch.

"David wanted Alexis to graduate, finish school, before he sent her off," Kimberly says.

Eventually, David travelled with the girls to the ranch. He says it was a difficult trip. When they arrived, Alaina and Alexis locked themselves in the car and sent profane texts to their father.

[AD]Dr. Phil points out that they didn't arrive at the scheduled time at the ranch either.

Kimberly says she knew it was going to be a difficult trip for David, which is why she declined to go along. "They did talk him into staying in a hotel that night and just taking them the next day. I know the staff was waiting for them to arrive, and they didn't show up," she says.

Dr. Phil takes them to task for not taking the offer seriously. Kimberly says she wanted the girls to go immediately after the show, but David wasn't convinced.

Dr. Phil reacts to what these parents did for Alexis after the first show.


The girls have been at the Turn-About Ranch for 90 days. Alexis has made some progress, but she's not doing as well as Alaina. Dr. Phil says the girls are coming up on their final days at the ranch, but he's not sure their home environment is ready for them. "Because all this wonderful work that has been done by Turn-About Ranch can be undone in a very short period of time if you guys aren't with the program. And those girls deserve better than that from y'all," he tells them.

[AD]Dr. Phil explains that parents of troubled kids have to adjust their thinking and behavior as well, in order to provide a healthy environment for them to come home to and give them the best chance at a successful future. Kimberly and David's biggest parenting mistake is they aren't consistent with their discipline and rules in their household. The girls were very good at getting out of things and manipulating their parents. "That's why I chose to put them into a place where there were rules, you had to respect the authorities, and you had to become a working member of a team," Dr. Phil tells them.