"Welcome to the Family"
“What do you all hope for?” Dr. Phil asks them, about their relationship in the future.

Lanie says that they’ve already invited Maria to Thanksgiving.

“Our house has an open door,” Lynda says. “We will welcome you.”

“But you don’t have to wait for Thanksgiving!” Lori says.

The sisters tell Maria that she is also an aunt to their children.

Maria asks about her biological mother’s health history. Dr. Phil discloses that she was overweight and suffered from diabetes. He also says she died of congestive heart failure. “Those have strong genetic components to them sometimes,” he says.

Maria says she has some heart irregularities. The sisters share that their mother had a heart murmur and suffered several silent heart attacks.

“All of these things are relevant, and can help you in your medical management,” Dr. Phil tells Maria. “I know you have concerns about your health.” He offers her a chance for a return to health and sets her up with a certified nutritionist and personal trainer. “We want you to be around for a long, long time. And to do that, you have to take care of yourself. Let’s be real honest: You haven’t really loved yourself a lot in the past. We’re going to close ranks and take care of you.”

[AD]Troy shares some important things to remember when looking for a a long-lost loved one. He says that when looking for a woman, it is best to find the closest male relative to her. He says that the best research is always using someone who has passed away since they leave a death certificate. “Dead people are my best investigators,” he says. And his last tip is to never lose faith that someone can be found.