Staff Surprise
Two years after the show began, Dr. Phil enlists the help of Robin and surprises his staff with an office makeover.
The Dr. Phil staff has nearly doubled since the show launched in 2002, so naturally, the offices were a little cramped and in need of some change. Dr. Phil enlisted the help of Robin to do some much needed sprucing up.

Robin teamed up with Lowe's Home Improvement and put together something pretty special to thank the staff for all their hard work.

When the staff returned from summer hiatus, Dr. Phil and Robin welcomed them to their new work environment. "I know everyone worked really hard last season, and you could sure tell it by looking at the building," jokes Dr. Phil.

"You all have worked harder than anyone I have ever stood behind or beside and I wanted to make it fun to start our third great year," says Robin.

The cut the ribbon and the staff takes a look around their new home away from home.

Before, the reception area was very plain and drab. Now, with some color, it's a very welcoming and elegant space.

What started the whole idea was when Robin visited the bathroom. "This will never do," she said to herself. Now, the staff bathrooms are fit for royalty!

In the main office, Robin says, "We wanted an executive look, but at the same time, a very warm, cozy feeling." The columns were wrapped in wood, the lighting was changed, and the ceilings and walls were painted to give the office a warm glow.

Robin's favorite room at home is the kitchen, so she took some special care in creating a fabulous new kitchen for the staff!

Special thanks to:
  • Alice Head and Lowe's Home Improvement for their materials and design
  • Mitchell Gold for the furniture
  • American Traditions for the paint
  • Costco and In Focus for the plasma TVs
  • Whirlpool for the kitchen appliances

    "It makes us feel like we're home," one staff member tells Robin.

    Robin's tips for simple and inexpensive home improvements:
  • Paint your ceiling the same color as your walls, or darker
  • Add crown molding
  • Change your lightbulbs to pink for a warm ambiance