Find out who will continue in the Weight Loss Challenge.
Dr. Phil: The feedback that I've gotten about you from everybody involved is that you continue to have a chip on your shoulder. They say you have absolutely no goals, and that you have a bad attitude about doing the work. Is that true or false?

Kim: I feel it's false.

Dr. Phil: I asked everybody in the group to rate all of the participants from most likely to succeed to the least likely to succeed. They rated you next to the bottom ... are they wrong?

Kim: Oh absolutely. People that don't make an effort to know me misjudge me, and think that I'm something I'm not.

Dr. Phil: Barbara, the group rated you as one of the top two most likely to succeed.

Barbara: That's what I'm here for.

Dr. Phil:
Terri, the feedback about you is that you have amazing pressure on you to remain right where you are because if you change, it is going to create chaos throughout your life, and that that's an awful steep hill for you to climb.

Terri: The chaos that I'm coming from is nothing like what I'm heading toward. I'm ready.

Dr. Phil: Judith, the feedback about you is that you are bored and lonely, and that you'll go home and get bored again and just kind of flake out. Big start, flake out as it goes.

Judith: No, that won't happen Dr. Phil. I am ready to do this, and I know the reason why I eat, and I know how to solve that problem.

Dr. Phil:
Monika, what's your prediction?

Monika: I'm going to be one of the eight.

Dr. Phil: Leslie, the group rated everybody from most to least likely to succed. You were number 13 out of 13, least likely to succeed. They seem to think you're more interested in running your number and playing the victim than you are in getting real about who you are and what you have to do to overcome this problem in your life.

Leslie: They have absolutely no idea where I've been and the issues that are coming to surface that I didn't even know needed to be taken care of.

Dr. Phil: Is that more of your victim story?

Leslie: Absolutely not.

Dr. Phil: Jim, you've been frustrated with yourself since you got here, because you don't seem to be able to get a connection with what's going on inside of you like some others seem to.

Jim: After I had a couple days to sit with myself and the book, I realized I'm not the same person that came into the studio a week ago.

Dr. Phil: Fred, stand over here. Sarah, stand over here. AnnMarie, how about you? ... The first time I sat down with you I said, "I think you're as phony as a $3 bill." Was I right?

AnnMarie: You were completely right.

Dr. Phil: But you say you're going to get real now.

AnnMarie: Yes.

Dr. Phil: Angela, you think you're going to make this?

Angela: Yes sir.

Dr. Phil: Marilyn, why do you think you're going to make it?

Marilyn: Because I didn't come here to quit.

Dr. Phil: No, but you came here as a doormat. When I sat down with you, I said you were serving a life sentence. When does that stop?

Marilyn: [It stopped] then.

Dr. Phil: Donnie, otherwise known as Thomas ... Whoever is part of the Weight Loss Challenge is going to be a model for America, a case study, an inspiration, a leader for this country. Do you think you're equal to that?

Thomas: Yes, I do.

After dividing them into two groups, Dr. Phil gives the finalists a chance to back out.

He says, "I'm not for everybody. Is there anybody here who on reflection says, 'You know, you're right, you're not for me. This is more than I thought it was going to be.' Any takers? ... I take it by your silence that we have no volunteers."

Then, Dr. Phil reveals his decision.

"There's not a person on this stage that is not worthy of being here, so I'm changing the game and I ain't sending anybody home," Dr. Phil reveals.

The group is divided into two teams, and Dr. Phil explains the new rules: "There will be at the end of this process a single winner who has done the best job with all seven keys. If you are that person, but your team overall did not do the best, you don't win. The number two person, if they're on the other team, they win."

One more twist: In November, each team has the right to eliminate one person from their team.