Phil and Tiffany

"When I look at my reflection, it looks just like a beach ball with arms," Phil laments on videotape. "I'm referred to as the short, fat guy or the short, bald, fat guy. My height and weight are so out of proportion. Everything is out of control."

Tiffany makes no apologies for her obsession. "I absolutely love food!" she gushes. "I'm not an in-the-closet eater. I love all types of food, anything fast food. Pizza is definitely a number one."

The husband-and-wife team arrive at the Dr. Phil show and are confined backstage as the other contestants have been. Finally, they join Dr. Phil onstage.

"Last time I talked to you, it was on the phone," Dr. Phil says, reminding the couple of the joke he played to announce their selection as semi-finalists. "You were on the side of the road, and you got pulled over. What did you think was going on?"

"I didn't think I was speeding," Tiffany says with a laugh.

"I was shocked," Phil adds.

Dr. Phil tells the couple that the police department was in on the gag. "We were following you like you were terrorists. We were on the phone, and [the authorities are] saying, ‘They're pulling out of the parking lot. We've got it blocked off so they can't go the wrong way.'"

"It was good," Tiffany says.

Dr. Phil sizes up his namesake. "I love what you're doing with your hair. I hate what you're doing with your body," he says.

"Me too," Phil replies.

"You played three sports in high school: football, wrestling, baseball. You were voted the Most Athletic in 1990," Dr. Phil says, consulting his notes. "You've been voted Policeman of the Year twice."


"And now you're blotting out the sun?" Dr. Phil asks, incredulously. "What happened?"

"Not by choice," Phil says.

"What do you mean, ‘not by choice'? Has somebody been cuffing you and feeding you Ding Dongs?" Dr. Phil inquires.

"We do lead a really fast lifestyle," Tiffany chimes in.

"Did you come here to make excuses or to get changed?" Dr. Phil asks her.

"To get changed," she replies.

"What's up with you and McDonald's? What up with you and fast food?"

"I love fast food," she replies. "I genuinely love the taste of it."

"Are you serious about this?" Dr. Phil asks.

Both husband and wife vow that they are.

"You're not semi-finalists any more. I'm putting you in this deal," Dr. Phil announces. "You are finalists. You're in!"

The couple embraces in excitement.