Underage Marriage: Corina and Chris

Underage Marriage: Corina and Chris

"My mother abandoned me because she thought I was a liar about the accusations I made toward Chris," Corina says. "I told her that her husband had sexually molested me, and she chose his side."

"That's a bald-faced lie," Chris says, brow furrowing in anger. "I have never been inappropriate with Corina at any time."

"I don't believe Chris would touch her that way," Leslie says. "I don't believe Chris would do anything like that to anybody."

"She makes up false accusations on me to try to get rid of me, out of her mother's life and out of her life, simply because I bring discipline to the family and order to the family. Corina thrives on chaos," Chris says.

"Corina told me about the supposed molestation. My very first feelings were, ‘Oh, my gosh. What have I done? I brought this man into my house.' Then as I began to think about the things that we have gone through with Corina " she has this history of lying " I thought it didn't add up."

Corina says she feels betrayed by her mom. "I was very upset with her and very hurt that she turned on me," she says. "When she confronted Chris, she started saying that I was a liar, and that it wasn't true."

"When Corina accused me of molesting her, I was outraged. I love this girl, and I treated her as my own," Chris reflects. "I've been accused of one of the worst crimes in the world."

Ryan stands by his beloved. "When Corina talks about what Chris did to her, I don't see how everyone couldn't believe her. She can describe in detail what he did. I believe her 100 percent. She's my wife, and I have no reason not to," he says.

"Corina did press charges against me. The detective investigated the case thoroughly for a three-month period, found that there was no evidence, and so the case was closed," Chris says. "I just wish it would go away. I am innocent."

"Chris is an ex-convict. He spent many years in jail for different things, stealing and fraud. He told me in person that he would rather go to jail for killing me than molesting me," Corina says. "Chris has threatened me. Chris threatened my life, and my husband's life, if I ever spoke of the molestation."

"I've never threatened Corina and Ryan with physical harm, but I have threatened Ryan saying that if this continued, I would have my wife make a choice between her daughter and me," Chris says.

Ryan says there's no love lost between him and his father-in-law. "I couldn't care less if Chris was dead or alive," he says. "Chris deserves to be in prison for what he did. He doesn't deserve to be walking the streets as a free man. He should be getting raped every day in prison."

"I am definitely going to re-open my case against Chris and pursue the charges," Corina vows.

Chris asks to be seated in the audience. Because he is so angry with his stepdaughter, he doesn't want to share the stage with her. 


Dr. Phil turns to him. "I want to give you the opportunity to respond to the allegations. You say absolutely, unequivocally, untrue. Correct?"

"I have never touched Corina. Corina was grounded because that's what she chose. I laid down some very strict rules with her because she'd been in trouble: She was arrested at 14 years old, she'd gotten in trouble with her best friend several times, she lied on her biological father in South Carolina, and she came back to stay with us," he replies.

"You're saying you have never touched this child in any way, whatsoever?" Dr. Phil asks.

"I've never touched that child inappropriately, whatsoever," Chris confirms.

"Are you telling the truth?" Dr. Phil asks Corina.

"I am. If she doesn't want to believe me, there's nothing I can do about it," she replies. "He sexually molested me."

"And you didn't tell anyone for a year because you didn't think it would be believed, or you thought it would be believed and would create trouble?" Dr. Phil asks.

"Before I left the room after it had happened, he told me nobody would ever believe me. I didn't say anything for a year because for once, I wanted her to be happy, but that obviously was the wrong thing," Corina answers.

"Did you lie about your biological father physically abusing you?" Dr. Phil asks the teen.

"I did not say that he had physically abused me. What I had told her is that he got in my face, screamed at me, he uplifted the countertop in the kitchen and threw the couch across the room because he was upset with me," Corina says. "I never said he hit me."

"You also told me that he was abusing you, and I needed to come save you. So your grandmother and I came to your rescue," Leslie says.

"Did you believe the molestation allegation when you heard it?" Dr. Phil asks her.

"The very first instinct, like I said earlier, was, ‘What do I do?' Then when I started putting all of her lies together," Leslie says, "and the way she had been acting around Chris over that year before she told me, and the incident that happened right before she told me, with her getting in trouble, it was like, 'None of this makes sense; none of this adds up.'"

"So you didn't believe it?" Dr. Phil inquires.

"No. I didn't believe it," she replies.

"Did you ask Chris about it?"

"I did. I confronted Chris on the phone," Leslie says.

Dr. Phil wants to get the facts straight. "You make this allegation, and it is shortly after that that you say you were essentially dumped at a friend's house?" he asks Corina.

"Yes," she replies.

Leslie gives her account of Corina's departure. "We asked her if she wanted to go there so she could feel safe. She said yes, and her whole attitude changed. She stopped the tears. She stopped everything. She was happy, packing her stuff up, ready to go," she says. 

"Since the allegations, did you send [Chris] a Father's Day card?" Dr. Phil asks Corina.

"I had sent him a Father's Day card because for that year that I did not tell her and she seemed happy, I wanted to keep it that way," she replies. "I hid everything. I made it seem like it didn't happen."

"You understand that these are very serious allegations?"

"I do, and they're not allegations. It's the truth," Corina says.

"Are you willing to take a polygraph?" Dr. Phil asks.

"Yes," she replies.

Dr. Phil turns to Chris. "Are you willing to take a polygraph?"

"I'm not going to rely on a machine for my wife to believe me or not," he says.

"That was the reason that the police dropped the charges, because he was out of state on the truck, and they couldn't find him to come take a polygraph," Corina chimes in.

Leslie turns to her daughter. "If they couldn't find us, then why were they calling us all the time? She knew exactly how to find us," she protests.

"So you would decline to take a polygraph test?" Dr. Phil asks Chris.

"I'm not going to take a polygraph test. I don't have to prove it," Chris says.

Corina faces her stepfather. "Why would a liar " why would you want to take a polygraph test?"

"You lie continuously. Every word that comes out of your mouth is a lie," Chris says vehemently.

"Did you sign adoption papers to

surrender her?" Dr. Phil asks Leslie.

"Yes. I was sent adoption papers by her and her brother. I called them up and confronted them on it. They said that's what they wanted. They no longer wanted me to be their mother. I told them they were old enough to suffer the consequences of their decisions," she replies.

"Ryan, how do you two get along?" Dr. Phil asks.

"Corina and I? We have our spats, but for the most part, we get along a good portion of the time. When we don't get along, it's just petty things," he replies.
"Are you working?"

"No sir," he replies. "I get Social Security income, and I'm currently trying to get my GED."

"Did you graduate from high school?" Dr. Phil asks Corina.

"Not yet. I'm currently enrolled in high school."

"She hasn't made it through the 10th grade," Leslie interjects.


"How do you two plan to make it in the world?" Dr. Phil asks the young couple.

"I'm still taking high school online classes, and I have a job. I'm doing both of those, and I plan on going to college," Corina says.

"If you're taking the online classes, why did you call your grandmother at noon one day, just getting out of the bed?" Leslie asks. "How are you taking courses if you're sleeping the day away?"

"What happens if this is annulled? Then what?" Dr. Phil asks her.

"First off, I'd feel a little justice for being left out. I didn't abandon her," she replies. "I find a marriage between my daughter and whoever she chooses a very important day. Second of all, if it's annulled, they can get on the right track, go back to school, finish living out their lives as teenagers and then become grown ups."

"If this was annulled, what would your vision be? She would come back and live with you and Chris?" Dr. Phil asks Leslie.

"No. Not after what they put us through the last time they visited," she answers. "I know that she would be welcome to live with my mother, and I would do everything I could to support her to finish school and continue maturing. If they wanted to be married after they finished school and got a little maturation under their belt, fine. I would support that. Since she has been married, she's tried to leave him four times. One of the times, she came and stayed with me. She was dating people while she was still legally married to him, so the whole, ‘I've been faithful,' is a big, fat lie. Ryan has even told my husband that he knew Corina was cheating on him."

"How many husbands have you cheated on?" Corina counters.

"And how many of them cheated on me? Did that make it right? No," Leslie says.

"She doesn't cheat on me," Chris says.

Leslie looks her daughter in the eye. "I had to grow up myself. So you just want to follow my path because I did it? That's a really good plan, Corina."

"Believe me, I don't want to follow your path," Corina says.

"And you think you're not going anywhere near it by getting married at 16?" Leslie asks.