Wacky Resolutions: Lisa

Minding Her Mouth

"Dr. Phil, I'm a dental hygienist, and for the past three years my New Year's resolution has been to floss every day. Even though I tell my patients how important it is to floss regularly, I've tried and tried, but by January 13th my resolution is down the drain," says 20-year-old Lisa. "I'm adamant about keeping my resolution this year. What can I do to stay on track?"


"Resolutions can be any little thing," Dr. Phil tells Lisa. In order for her to keep

her resolution, there are three things she must do. She needs to have a goal, know the steps to take and have accountability. "You have a behavior you really enjoy, that you don't permit yourself to do until you've done the thing you didn't enjoy," he explains. Dr. Phil suggests that if she doesn't floss her teeth, she doesn't get to brush her hair before she goes to work. "Set up a contingency plan, and this will be done."