Weight Loss Challenge

Weight Loss Challenge
Janine's weight issue was affecting her marriage, and she wanted things to change. Although she wasn't chosen to be one of the 13 participants in the Challenge, she made a commitment to Dr. Phil's program.

"Since the Weight Loss Challenge began, I've lost 6 pounds," she says. "We eat a lot healthier now."
Following Dr. Phil's advice, Janine got rid of most of her overalls (her "fat clothes"), and she's been jogging three times a week.

"But I am having setbacks," she says. "For three weeks, I was out of my no-fail environment and back with the chips and the cookies." Also, she's concerned about the temptation to indulge over the holidays.


She asks Dr. Phil, "How do I stay focused or stay on track when I have chaos or disruption in my life?"

"You have got to decide that you are a priority. We've got to put ourselves on project status," Dr. Phil tells Janine, who admits to not having finished reading Dr. Phil's book yet. "You can't just say, 'I'm going to react to what the world serves up.' That's how you got in this shape to begin with."

Dr. Phil continues, "You've got to learn to say no to others, and yes to yourself. And I promise you that the people you're saying no to will benefit from your saying yes to yourself, because the healthier you are, the more you have to give."

Dr. Phil then gives Janine a free membership to a Gold's Gym near her and sets her up with a personal trainer!