Weight Loss Challenge Finale: The Fearless Five

Weight Loss Challenge Finale: The Fearless Five
Dr. Phil checks in with the two families competing in the Ultimate Family Weight Loss Challenge.

Dr. Phil checks in with the Fearless Five to see how their weight loss is progressing and to announce the winner. Brenda, the last competitor to join the Challenge, started out weighing 201 pounds and surpassed her goal by losing 53 pounds. To reward her accomplishment, GetSmart Lending is helping Brenda and her family get out of debt by giving her $15,000.

Dr. Phil has another surprise for Brenda. "Brenda's never been on a real honeymoon," he explains. "So we're sending her and her husband on a seven-day Radisson Seven Seas Voyager Caribbean Cruise." They will have a luxury suite with a private balcony. Roundtrip airfare will be provided by Orbitz.com.

When Kevin first started the Challenge, his biggest obstacle was giving up the 15 cans of Pepsi he drank each day. Not only has he done that, but he's also lost 61 pounds! Because Kevin can't stand eating fruits and vegetables, Dr. Phil gives him a professional juicer from Waring Pro so he can drink his veggies. Kevin's motivation for losing weight was so he could go swimming with his daughter without being embarrassed. "Now, I can take my shirt off without having to worry about the 'man boobs,'" he says. To celebrate his weight loss, Dr. Phil is sending Kevin and his family on a trip to Discovery Cove in Orlando, Florida. They will have the opportunity to swim with dolphins, snorkel and relax on white, sandy beaches.

Lynne, who's lost 43 pounds, says that exercise has been her biggest motivator and she even wants to become a personal trainer. Faremon Active Wear is giving Lynne $1,000 in workout clothes. Lynne will also be featured as a success story in the September issue of
, the number one women's fitness magazine.

"Oh my gosh! I love that magazine," an excited Lynne says.

Lynne wanted to surprise her husband with a sexy picture of herself on a Harley, so Dr. Phil arranged for her to have professional photos taken with photographer Danny Turner. She hands her husband the framed photo.

When the competition started, Janice weighed 251 pounds. Now, 45 pounds lighter, she enjoys dancing and getting noticed by men. "I'm not looking for a relationship. I just want to shop around," she jokes.

Dr. Phil tells Janice that she is getting a four-night all-inclusive stay at Canyon Ranch, a luxurious spa where she will be completely pampered.
When Paul started the Challenge he weighed 250 pounds. He has since lost 66 pounds and has gone from a size 42 to a size 36. "You are our overall winner!" Dr. Phil tells Paul.

"I'm shocked," Paul says.

To help Paul fulfill his dream of owning his own home, GetSmart Lending is giving him $15,000 toward a down payment. Paul and his wife will also be taking a 12-night Celebrity Cruise throughout Scandinavia, Northern Europe and St. Petersburg, Russia, compliments of Expedia.com. "Oh my gosh! Holy crap," Paul says. "This is amazing!"

Paul's final prize is a $1,500 shopping spree for a new wardrobe from INC International Concepts Collections at Macy's. All the Weight Loss Challengers will also be taking home a Nautilus Bowflex Xtreme home workout machine so they can continue to be successful in their new, healthy lifestyle.