Weight Loss Challenge: Monika, Kim

Monika and Kim
The weight loss challenge continues.
Monika recently held a pep rally at Gold's Gym in Goldsboro, North Carolina to get her community involved in the challenge.

"The kickoff rally is hopefully going to get other groups forming," she explains.

She tells the 70 people who showed up for the rally, "I want you all to know just how wonderful my life is today because of Dr. Phil, and your life can be the same, and that's why I'm doing this."

Emphasizing the importance of key seven, she says, "We're showing Dr. Phil we've got a pretty good circle of support in Goldsboro, North Carolina."
Monika has lost 36 pounds and is almost at her goal weight! "You absolutely look great," Dr. Phil tells her.
Kim has also been leading a support group in her hometown of Philadelphia, helping inspire others who are ready to master the seven keys.

"We've all made the choice that this is the time for us to change our lives," she tells the group.

Then, Dr. Phil surprises the group, encouraging them to stay focused on their goals, reminding them that it's about changing their lifestyle, and signing their copies of The Ultimate Weight Solution.