Weight Loss Challenge - Show 11

Weight Loss Challenge - Show 11
The weight loss challenge continues.
Dr. Phil asks two audience members to fill their plates using the High-Response Cost, High-Yield foods provided on the buffet.

Both audience members need help with their portion controls. During a day, you want to have three helpings of protein, Dr. Phil explains, and a portion should be about the size of the palm of your hand. When it comes to starches and vegetables, 2-3 servings is sufficient, and can be measured by remembering that a 1/2 cup is roughly equivalent to a cupped hand, and a full cup is about a full hand.

By dividing a plate into four, Dr. Phil says, all you have to remember is to fill one portion with protein, another portion with a starch, and fruits or vegetables in the other two. Three solid meals like that, with two snacks in between, will keep your body satiated.
Dr. Phil explains that high-response foods require a great deal of effort to prepare and to eat. They cannot be eaten quickly, and therefore deter impulse eating and support control. They supply a lot of nutrients, and are close to the state in which they are found in nature. They are not loaded with sugar, fat, additives, or other health-defeating ingredients.

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