Weight Loss Challenge - Show 4

Weight Loss Challenge - Show 4
The 13 weight loss challenge finalists live in a camera-filled house for five days.

"I've had a child with my second husband who was extremely overweight — 400 pounds when I met him," says Kim, who's husband had gastric bypass surgery. Since he's had the surgery, she's put on about 30 pounds.

"So why not just get the gastric bypass surgery?" Dr. Phil asks.

"Because I know that I'm strong, and I want to find out why I can't tackle this...it's time to get real."

Dr. Phil asks Kim to be hard on herself: "I want to hear you chew yourself out," he says.

She tells herself: "You are fat and out of control. And you have got to do something because you have three kids depending on you, and death is about this far away in the life cycle."

Kim continues, "I hate myself...That's why I avoid mirrors."

"Don't you know at the same time that you hate what you see in the mirror, that you've got a loving heart, that you'd do anything for those kids, that you know you have gifts to give," Dr. Phil asks.

"I know that I'm a good mom," she answers. "But I know that I could be a better mom."

Kim has been surprised by Dr. Phil's program. "I thought you'd give me a book and we'd work out a little bit and you'd send me home," she says. "I never got so deep into myself to realize where this all stemmed from."

"Are you worth the trouble?" Dr. Phil asks.

"I think so," she answers. "I know so."