Positive Pageantry?
Dr. Phil introduces former guest Kelly, whose twin daughters compete in beauty pageants.

Kelly says she believes Susanna and Wendy want to keep their feud going so that they can stay in the spotlight. “In 20 years of doing this, I’ve never seen a mom dress her kid as a character who portrayed a prostitute,” she tells Wendy. “Nor do I know of many 5 year olds who know the word hooker,” she says to Susanna.

Kelly gives her fellow pageant moms a piece of her mind!

Kelly says she’ll defend Wendy on one thing: other girls have worn much more revealing outfits at pageants than the Pretty Woman getup. “However, it was in bad taste,” she adds.

Wendy admits that putting Paisley in that outfit was the biggest mistake of her life, and Kelly says she respects her for saying that. “But let’s not dress her as a material girl or Lady Gaga next weekend, or teach your kid to call another kid a hooker,” she says firmly.

Dr. Phil introduces Miss Wyoming USA 2010 Claire Schreiner, who says that child beauty pageants teach kids the wrong values. “As a young child competing in a beauty pageant, they think it’s all about high heels and dress up; and it’s not,” she says. Claire explains how pageants, at an older age, help teenagers grow into stronger, more confident young women.

Wendy argues that it’s up to the parents to make sure their daughters realize those values. She also says that no one will ever understand her true intentions of putting Paisley in the Pretty Woman outfit.

Dr. Phil clarifies by asking Claire, “You say that [Wendy] is exploiting her daughter to the media for fame?”

“Definitely,” Claire responds.

“I never would’ve dreamed, in a million years, that that little outfit would’ve gotten the kind of attention that it has,” Wendy exclaims. She turns to Kelly and says, “I’ve seen your little girls in less than what Paisley had on.” 

“Do you see a picture of it posted anywhere, Ma’am? No, you don’t,” Kelly responds sharply.

“I will always be judged as Hooker Mom,” Wendy says begrudgingly. “I can take the blame.”

Susanna and Wendy bicker about whether or not Susanna apologized for criticizing her in the media, and Dr. Phil interrupts.

[AD]“If you’re wondering why I’m doing this show—” Dr. Phil says with a smirk. "I'm doing this show because everything that I try to do up here is a teaching tool." He explains that he's discussing the topic for mothers who might be on the fence about putting their child in pageants. “When these children get dressed up way older than they are, and they wear fake teeth and heavy makeup, that bothers me,” he says. “But they’re not all that way.” He lists the positive side of child pageants: Girls can learn poise, composure and build confidence. "If you do it in the right way, there are some positive things that can come from it. But if you don’t, it can really get out of hand.”