A Break in the Case

Since her first appearance on Dr. Phil two years ago, Bonii has continued to pursue justice for her granddaughter, Kaylee. Recently, there was a break in the case when Jeremy's wife, Danielle, turned his computer over to the police.

"There were two movies and two still photos. The girl was no more than 15 years old," says Police Chief Milton Agay. "Jeremy is charged with four counts of possessing child abusive material and four counts of illegal use of a computer."

Bonii conducted her own surveillance of Jeremy and reported her findings to the police. "I asked some of the neighbors to keep an eye on the house and tell me who comes and goes. I documented all of it," she shares, as she sits in her car outside his home. "I knew he would be sleeping right now and that they would be able to catch him."

When the police arrive at Jeremy's house, they find him in a bedroom and take him out of the house in handcuffs. "He didn't resist," Chief Agay says. "He's taking prescription drugs: walking and communicating were difficult."


Jeremy is taken to jail, and Bonii reacts to the arrest. "Watching Jeremy come out of the house in handcuffs was something I've been waiting for for a long time, and I wasn't going to miss it for the world," she says. "I feel like justice was finally served."

Moments after Jeremy was handcuffed, Bonii rushed to Krista's house to show her what she captured on her video camera.

"When I saw the footage, I was really happy. I'm still really shocked. I just want to keep looking at it over and over again," Krista says. "I can't believe that it actually happened." She appreciates the help from Dr. Phil. "The way that they've helped us is ultimately the reason why Jeremy was arrested," she says. "Jeremy is a pedophile, and he deserves to be in prison forever."


After Jeremy's arrest, Dr. Phil has a conversation with Chief Agay. "If [Jeremy] is convicted, what could likely happen?" Dr. Phil asks.

"He could go to prison for as many as four years for each count and seven years for illegal use of a computer," Chief Agay says.

"So, he's looking at close to 40 years if he got the maximum time," Dr. Phil says.

Chief Agay adds that Jeremy's bond has been set at $250,000. 


Dr. Phil is joined on stage by Bonii, and comments that the pictures found on Jeremy's computer were very egregious. He asks Bonii, "Have you seen or talked to him since this?"

"I haven't talked to Jeremy, only Danielle," she says.

Jeremy was recently convicted on two counts of possession of child sexually abusive materials. The Dr. Phil cameras were rolling in the courtroom during his sentencing.

When the judge asks Jeremy for a statement, he says, "I'm very regretful to myself and my family. Ashamed. And if I had it to do over again, that's a road I would never have gone down."

The judge sentences Jeremy to five years probation, 270 days in jail, followed by 180 days of home incarceration. "You may not have any contact with anyone aged 17 or younger," the judge stipulates. "You must register as a sex offender."

Bonii shares her thoughts about the sentencing. "When I saw Jeremy walk into the courtroom, I felt dirty and disgusting," she says. "This is far from over. We're hoping to charge Jeremy with sexually abusing Kaylee. He's damaged Kaylee and our entire family for the rest of our lives."

Now 5 and living with her mom, Krista, Kaylee is doing much better since Jeremy has been out of the picture. "Kaylee is seeing a child psychologist. She is really happy to not have to see Jeremy anymore. She doesn't freak out. She is so much more relaxed," Krista reports. 

Since her first appearance on the show, people in similar situations have reached out and asked Krista for help. "The best thing that I did was to go on the Dr. Phil show," she says through tears. "I just feel really bad for them because I can't help them."


Back in studio, Dr. Phil asks Bonii how her granddaughter is faring.

"I just read the therapist's latest notes, and she said, ‘Since Kaylee no longer sees Jeremy, her anxiety is gone, and she's doing much better,' and she probably would not have to continue in therapy," she says.

"That's great news," Dr. Phil comments, adding that it's been over a year since Kaylee has seen her father. He also makes it clear that at this point, Jeremy has not been charged or convicted of inappropriate behavior with Kaylee.

In a hearing to determine if Jeremy is fit to parent his almost 2-year-old son, Logan, his child with Danielle, a parole officer testified as to what he saw when he entered Jeremy's home.

"The home was very messy. There was trash overflowing in the kitchen area," the officer says. "There were some porno magazines on top [of the trash]." He notes that a child could easily see the magazines, and that there were also pill bottles easily in reach. The officer took the toddler into protective custody. "I felt the conditions were unsafe for the child."

"Today, I thought that the case went well," Bonii says. "I'm looking forward to the next hearing. If Jeremy loses his rights to Logan, it will definitely strengthen our chance of having his rights to Kaylee removed, and she will be free from him forever."


"Your goal is you want [Jeremy's] parental rights terminated with your granddaughter, so she doesn't ever have to see him again, or he can't petition to have visitation or be with her in any way," Dr. Phil says to Bonii.

"Absolutely," she confirms.

If you're worried that your child is being sexually abused, look for the following warning signs:

  • Night sweats with screaming or shaking, and nightmares
  • Inexplicable bed-wetting
  • Loss of appetite or other eating problems
  • Sudden reluctance to be alone with a certain person

"They often won't tell you straight up that something is happening to them, because they've been threatened, they may be ashamed, or they may not want to talk to you about it," Dr. Phil says. "Think about these warning signs and ask questions. Create a dialogue if you're worried about what's going on with a child."


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