Shopping Lesson

"This is going to be so much fun," Robin says as she, her daughter-in-law, Erica, and fashion guru Cojo enter L.A.'s famous store, Kitson. "I am here to prove that while someone in their 20s can dress really hot, and fun

and exciting, there's no reason why I, in my 50s, can't do the same thing." She explains that she will take some of the aspects she loves from the 20-something look and tweak them into an outfit she feels comfortable wearing. 


"I really feel like I'm too old to wear a jean skirt," Robin says, pointing to the one Erica dons, but she adds that she frequently wears jeans. "It pays to take one day and go to the store, like Kitson, and try on every jean that they have in the store, because you may look at something and think you'll like it, but you have to try it on. You'll find the perfect fit for you. Don't worry."

Moving to the shoe section, Robin points out a short boot that Erica wears. "I think I need a taller boot," she says.

Robin models her new outfit, side-by-side with Erica's. "I love the boots and the jeans on me, and I love the skirt and the tights on Erica," she gushes. "We have the same jacket." Robin chose to wear a belt around her hips, similar to Erica's, and they both have matching gold bracelets.

"You look so beautiful in this. It is very age-appropriate," Cojo tells Robin. "You've got the same look, but you adjusted it to your own comfort level." He adds that the gold bracelets and clutch purse are youthful elements. "In the end, you made this your own," he says. "You are 20-something, and ultra-fabulous."

Cojo joins Dr. Phil and Robin onstage. "This whole point was you don't have to look dowdy after 40, right?" Dr. Phil asks.

"No, you can have fun, you can look good, and you can be excited about how you dress in your 40s, your 50s, 60s, at any age," Robin says.

"Just do it appropriately," Cojo adds. "Go by Robin. I think Robin dresses very classy but youthful."

Dr. Phil says, "If you feel good in your clothes, then you have more confidence. Your self-esteem is enhanced, and so I think it really is more than just a look. It's a feeling that goes along with it."

Dr. Phil introduces Erica, and asks, "You all both wear leather, right?"


"I have a leather jacket on, and actually, Robin has this jacket as well," she says. "I take advice now from her, as well as she takes a few tips from me."