Getting Physical

"Ted and I have been married just over seven years and have two beautiful children," says Maria. When she and Ted were first married,

Maria had a great relationship with her mother-in-law, Catherine, but that changed when their oldest daughter was born. "Catherine likes to disagree with us on almost every aspect of how we choose to raise our children, whether it's what they eat, when they nap, how long they nap for. My mother-in-law definitely feels that I'm not a proper wife and mother," Maria explains. "It's built a lot of tension. I've bit my tongue for a long time."


Ted agrees that their relationship with his mother changed once their daughter was born. "Any decisions that involve my daughter, my mother would like to control," he says.


Recently, the tension between Maria and Catherine escalated when they had a physical altercation. Maria was home with her daughters

after just having had breast augmentation surgery, and Ted was away on business. Catherine came to the house to help Maria out.


"Maria was complaining that Ted was having an affair. I walked in the kitchen and she said, 'He's been F-ing his girlfriend all week.' It really startled me, the language that she was using in front of the children," Catherine reveals. 


Maria says that Catherine started to scream. "She began yelling at me, saying that I didn't deserve Ted, I didn't deserve the children, and that she would do whatever she had to do to take my children from me," Maria explains. "Through the entire altercation, she was holding my 1-year-old daughter."  

Catherine says that Maria then shoved her and threw her down on the kitchen floor. "I said, 'Maria, what is wrong with you?' She told me that I was a piece of sh*t, I wasn't a good wife, a good person. I pushed

her against the wall," she says. "She reached and dug her nails into my arm, puncturing my arm pretty severely. Blood started running. I was scared, I was nervous, but I made up my mind " as God is my witness " it'll be over my dead body before I leave those children in there with her."


"She slipped, and she fell," Maria counters, noting that Catherine was the one who attacked her. "She could've grabbed my arm, my shirt, my hair,

but she didn't. She grabbed my throat."


Ted called the house to check on Maria and says he was shocked to hear what his mother was saying. "She began referring to my wife as a crazy bitch, and my wife began to refer to my mother as an old, crazy bitch, and my mother said, 'You're a crazy bitch. I'm going to bring you down,'" he shares. "My mom really thrives on being the victim."


Catherine eventually left the house and called 911. A little while later, a policeman arrived at Maria's door. "I was terrified. He said he was

arresting me for assault and battery. They fingerprinted me, and I think the first time I lost it was when they were ready to take my mug shot. I just kept thinking, I'm a mother to two beautiful children. I have a career. I live in a beautiful home. I look like I'm trash," she recalls. "The judge said I was guilty. It was my word against my mother-in-law, and I was the liar. That's why she convicted me, and that's hard to swallow, because I was the one telling the truth that day ... I'll never forgive her for what she's done."

Catherine stands by her actions. "I put my life on the line that day, and I would do it again ... I feel that I did the right thing by calling the police," she says, turning to Dr. Phil with a request. "My daughter-in-law physically attacked me, please get her some help."


"Maria is currently on a $1,500 personal recognizance bond, and needed a judge's permission to travel to the show," Dr. Phil explains.

"Catherine is backstage right now, and she's listening to everything that's going on, and we're going to bring her out in a little bit."


Ted tells Dr. Phil why he wants to be a part of the show. "I'd like to see my mother get some help and [learn] how to treat my wife properly and to admit what has happened in this situation and to be honest about it," he says.


"What would she admit if she admitted what had happened in this situation?" Dr. Phil asks.


"I do not believe the police should've been involved, and I think if

Mother would just admit that, it would be the beginning to getting us all some help."


"Your mother says that you took her to the magistrate," Dr. Phil points out.


Ted denies that. "I was actually there at her home when some photographs [of her arm] were being taken, and my mother then was taken to the magistrate's office by an officer, and I picked her up and brought her back home. The whole time she said she never pressed charges against my wife and still contends that to this day."

Dr.  Phil addresses Maria. "What are you doing rolling on the floor with your mother-in-law at your house?" he asks.


"It was a situation that never should've happened," she admits. "I asked her numerous times to leave and give me my daughter, and she was refusing to give me my 1-year-old daughter. At no time did I intend to harm her. All I was doing was trying to get my

daughter from her."


"Do you have a temper?" Dr. Phil probes.


"Oh, sure," Maria says.


Dr. Phil addresses Ted. "She says and your sister says that you have told them that Maria gets upset, throws things, like the telephone, has hit you, has called you bastard, C-word, P-word," he points out.  He addresses Maria and asks her to explains exactly what was going on in the house when Catherine grabbed her. "You say you just instinctively grabbed her arm?"


"When she had my throat, yes," Maria says.


"And you did what?" Dr. Phil continues.


"I grabbed her arm from my throat, grabbed her and put her arm down and said, 'Don't you ever do that to me again.' And let go. And as soon as I let go, she swung at me, and I had to back away from my children. And I immediately ran upstairs and locked me and my children into a room to get away from her," she clarifies. She notes that she landed in jail because her mother-in-law had marks on her arm.


Ted adds his thoughts. "What scared me is that it's not the first time my mother has actually said, 'If Maria speaks to me like that again, I'm going to slap her face,'" he reveals. "She's said that numerous times in the past, and so there's some of this that rings a bell to me."