Worst Valentine: Brett and Katie

Worst Valentine: Brett and Katie

"I wrote to Dr. Phil because my younger sister, Katie, and her husband, Brett, have just been dealt some severe setbacks," says Juliana.

Brett elaborates. "We got married on August 3, and Katie lost her eyesight on December 9."

"I woke up, and I had lost the vision in my right eye," Katie says. 

The young bride was rushed to the emergency room, where she was given a startling prognosis. "From her MRI scan, the doctor was able to pinpoint that she had multiple sclerosis," Brett recounts.

"I was just so depressed, because all of the people I've known with MS have been disabled, either using a cane or in a wheelchair," Katie shares.

"Something so major like this should happen after 20 years of marriage. This just came too soon," Brett mourns. 

Shortly after Katie's diagnosis, the couple was dealt another devastating blow. "Katie was diagnosed with MS after they had only been married for four months. Then three weeks after that, they were robbed," Juliana reveals.

"They stole a digital camera, a camcorder, two laptops. But the biggest thing [was] they grabbed her wedding ring," Brett says. "I just felt so powerless."

Katie says it's hard to feel hopeful. "The MS, along with the robbery, has almost broken me. I don't know how much more I can take," she says.

Observing that the couple has only been married for five months, Dr. Phil says, "You got off to what anybody would describe as a very rocky start."

"It started off well, but this last month has really been over the top," Brett admits. "I don't know how much more we can take. It's been pretty rough."

Katie says the diagnosis took her by surprise. "I'd had a problem with my arm before, and I was misdiagnosed, so I thought I was totally normal and healthy until I woke up and couldn't see out of my eye," she recalls. "It was just a shock when the doctor told me it could be MS."

"It is a totally normal, natural reaction to first go into shock about that and say, ‘What's in our future? I don't know. I'm going to have to study [this disease]. I'm going to have to read.' But the worst thing that you can do across time is to feel helpless. Thank God the technology, the advances " the things that you can do to manage this disease and manage its impact on your family, and having children " are things you can control," Dr. Phil explains. "Then on top of that, you got robbed! What did they take? What did they get?"

"They took pretty much everything valuable out of the house: both of our computers, my wedding ring, a camera, a camcorder with some of his home videos. And I was supposed to take my law school finals two days after that, so everything I worked on for the semester was gone from my computer."

"You feel really violated, don't you?" Dr. Phil commiserates with Katie. But there is a happy ending to this story. He turns to Brett. "You have something you want to say to her today, because she didn't know this was a Valentine's Day show."

"I had no idea," Katie says.

Dr. Phil reaches into his pocket and hands Brett a diamond ring. "You're going to need this," he says, as Katie covers her mouth in shock.

Brett kneels before his sweetheart. "Will you marry me?" he asks.

"Yes!" she replies, ecstatic. 

Robbins Bros., the world's largest engagement ring store, recreated Katie's purloined band. She is the proud recipient of an 18-karat white gold ring with a 1.4 karat princess cut center diamond.

Robin has more good news for Katie. "I want you to know that there are some very special people in your life who are here today to share this with you," she announces, as Katie's mom, dad and siblings stand up.


Dr. Phil praises Katie's sister, Juliana. "Thank you so much for writing the letter about this. This is a wonderful young couple, and what a gre

at, great way to have a Valentine's Day this year. You're sweet to write the letter," he says. "And all you family members, thank you for coming to support them."



The surprises keep on coming!


"We want you to have a really good Valentine's Day," Dr. Phil informs the young couple. "It's so bad when that stuff gets taken from you, particularly with your hard work. Dell Computers wants to give each of y'all a laptop computer. They're going to design it and customize it to

fit your needs."


The couple also receives a Sony DVD HandyCam.


"How cool is this?" Dr. Phil asks, holding up the video camera. They can also make new memories with a Canon PowerShot A560 digital camera.



When Dr. Phil heard that Katie was a huge fan of Canadian crooner Michael Bublé, he pulled the right strings.


Michael shares a heartfelt message for the couple. "Brett, Katie, I know that the first couple of months of your marriage was rough on the both of you, and I hope the next ones are way, way brighter," he says. "So to make this Valentine's Day " of course, your very first as a married couple " unbelievably special, what I'd like to do is I'd like to give you a couple of tickets to my upcoming concert. I look greatly forward to seeing you, and I hope that you have a very, very special Valentine's Day. Happy Valentine's Day to the both of you!"


Everyone in the audience is going home with Michael Bublé's latest CD, Call Me Irresponsible.