Young Women in Trouble: Meagan, Joani

Strong, Healthy and Happy

When Meagan left the Dr. Phil stage, she went to the Center for Change. After a lot of hard work to get well, she has made remarkable progress. She says she feels so strong and happy and is looking forward to her future. She joins Dr. Phil, Joani and her mother, Donna, onstage.

"What was the scariest part for you?" Dr. Phil asks her.

She says it was knowing her body would change. "Just becoming a woman, because I never got to be a woman. I was trapped in a 16-year-old's body " actually, an 8-year-old's body " for some time," she says.

Dr. Michael Barrett is the CEO and executive director of the Center for Change. He acknowledges all of Meagan's hard work to get healthy. "I'm so proud of you Meagan. I'm so happy for you. I really can't contain it," he says.


Joani also brought Meagan's story to Dr. Phil. Seven years ago, Joani met Dr. Phil on a primetime special about drug addiction. She shot up in the greenroom right before meeting him. After her intervention, Joani agreed to get treatment and started the long process of reclaiming her life. Now, to pay it forward, Joani helps other addicts get help. 

Get caught up on the work Joani has done!

Joani's book, The Interventionist, tells the story of her journey from addict to interventionist and how she turned her life around.

"You saved my life."


[AD]Joani says helping people get clean and change their lives is very gratifying. She's truly found her passion. "I cannot express enough gratitude to you, Dr. Phil. I know you probably hear this a lot, but you saved my family. We could just not have gotten well without you and the resources that this show provided us. For that, I'll forever be grateful," she says.