'Yours, Mine & Ours': Dennis Quaid

Dr. Phil welcomes Dennis Quaid to the stage. The entire audience has screened his new family comedy "Yours, Mine & Ours" before the show. "Now, is this a fun movie for the holidays? This looked like my house at Christmas, with all my relatives that come in and everybody running around," Dr. Phil says. "Did you have fun doing it?"

"We had a blast doing it. We had 18 kids. Basically the story, as you know, is I have eight kids, and I'm a single dad. [Co-star] Rene Russo has 10, and she's a single mom. We were sweethearts in college. We re-meet, and we get together and decide to get married," Dennis explains.

"I can't imagine being there with 18 kids running around. Did you have them in cages?" Dr. Phil jokes. 

"In one way, the movie is a public service announcement for birth control," Dennis laughs. "I like commotion. I like kids to begin with. I only have one myself, but it was a good time with all the kids."

"From what I know, you seem so different than [your character] Frank in this movie. Is that true?" Dr. Phil asks. 

"Yeah. Frank is a military guy. He's in the coast guard," Dennis explains. "He's a real disciplinarian and it's really not my style. My parenting style is somewhere between Ghengis Khan and Santa Claus, I would guess."


Dennis is accompanied by three of his co-stars in the movie: Katija, Miranda, and Miki. Addressing the girls, Dr. Phil says, "Was this work fun to do?"


The girls say that it was. "It was great. We had such a good time. Never a dull moment on set, considering the 18 kids. It never got boring," says Miranda.


"We talk about blended families a lot in real life. And the difference here is this is a comedy. It gets funny, music plays, then you can cut to a scene," Dr. Phil says. "But I thought it really had a message of everybody kind of learning how to adapt and get along."


Yours, Mine & Ours opens in theaters November 23.