I Screwed Up!": Jo Ann"
As a child, Jo Ann's family could not afford braces. She recently had consults with dentists, only to find out that she still can't afford them.

"I am not a rich person. I am, however, beautiful, inside and out," she says. "I've lost 88 pounds in three years. I found the love of my life...I just want my smile to match."

Dr. Phil wants to know why Jo Anne's teeth affect her sense of self, so much so that she avoids smiling. "What does it take for you to get at peace with who you are?," he asks. "There is a connection between self-image and body image, but sometimes it's way too much."

She answers, "I have good things going on in my life and I want that reflected outwardly in my smile."

Jo Anne is moved to tears when Dr. Phil tells her that the Invisalign Company and Dr. Robert Boyd of San Francisco will donate what she needs to start smiling again.

(For more information: www.invisalign.com.)