Terry Wynne, Ed.S.
L.P.C., M.C.C., N.C.C., N.C.C.C.
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Career Counseling
Specialist in Education Degree in Counseling, Master of Education Degree in Counseling, Licensed Professional Counselor, National Certified Counselor, National Certified Career Counselor, Board Certified Coach, and Master Career Counselor.
Specializes in Career Counseling and Career Coaching

Provides help with such issues as identifying your interests through the administration and interpretation of interest inventories, job search strategies, interviewing preparation, interviewing skills, and salary and benefit negotiations. Board Certified Coach, with subspecialties as a Career Coach, Executive/Corporate/Business Leadership Coach, Health/Wellness Coach, and Personal/Life Coach. Has helped over 2,000 clients from entry-level to CEO through career counseling or career coaching and now she would like to help you. Contact to discuss how she can help you with your career.