Dr. Phil answers viewers' questions that came in via Twitter, Facebook and e-mail. He talks to a couple who are secretly engaged, a mother who says she hates her daughter's seven tattoos and a burn victim who says she can't get past the pain. 


Relationship Roadblocks
Jessica wrote that she recently got engaged to James, the love of her life. She says her mom, Yvonne, doesn't approve of her betrothed and thinks he's immature, not financially stable and a loser. Now Jessica says she's starting to have her own doubts. 


Can the couple make their relationship work?

Mom in the Middle

Yvonne explains her side of the story. How does she respond when Jessica breaks the news that she and James are secretly engaged?


"I don't want James in my house."


Too Many Tattoos?
Jane, a former crime analyst, says she always associates criminals with tattoos and is disappointed that her 22-year-old daughter, Liz, has seven of them. Now she fears the young woman wants to get yet another design.


Dr. Phil gives his personal take on getting inked.


Can't See Past the Scars 

At age 14, Tracey saved her brother from a house fire but was left with burns on 65 percent of her body. More than 20 years have passed, and Tracey says her scars are still a source of deep shame.


How can she heal her wounds on the inside?