Imagine running errands with your two young sons on a typical winter day, waiting in line to get gas, and then “coming to” 13 hours later and 13 miles away, confused and wandering the streets, with no purse, no car, no kids — and no memory of how you got there. That’s what Sarah says happened to her. When police found her, she was arrested and charged with two counts of child abuse. Sarah’s husband, Matt, says he was frantic with worry when police told him his sons were found in their abandoned car at a gas station, but it was what he discovered in their home before his wife was found that has him even more concerned. He bailed her out of jail, but now wonders if their children are safe around their mother. And, what did doctors conclude from examining the mother of two? Is Sarah lying about something and hiding a secret, or is there a diagnosis that can explain her bizarre behavior? Two weeks before meeting Dr. Phil, Sarah and Matt were shocked to learn of another incident — this time caught on surveillance camera — that Sarah claims she has no memory of. Could this be some sort of psychotic break? Dr. Phil delves into this mystery, and Sarah agrees to take a polygraph test.  

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Sarah recounts what she remembers from the day she vanished for 13 hours and was found 13 miles away.

Find out what Sarah’s husband, Matt, discovered missing from their locked safe that has him concerned.

This is not the first time Sarah has experienced a mysterious case of amnesia. Find out another incident they discovered a few weeks ago.

Medical tests haven’t found any explanations. Is Sarah hiding something? Dr. Phil implores her to be honest.

A Side Effect of Medication?

Sleep specialist Dr. Michael Breus disagrees with the theory that this could be a side effect to abrupt disuse of Ambien. He says Sarah didn’t use it consistently, so it’s unlikely to be a reaction. He questions whether it’s a psychogenic fugue or some other drug influence.

Sarah agreed to take a polygraph test. Is she lying about what she remembers of that day? Dr. Phil reads the shocking results.

Dr. Phil makes a few observations and offers Sarah professional help. “I don’t think it’s a reflection on who you are as a mother.”