Jamison Adsit was charged and convicted of committing a criminal sex act in the second degree after a hospital co-worker accused him of engaging in a sexual act with a patient. Jamison, 30, served five years in prison and is now a registered sex offender. But he adamantly denies any wrongdoing – and claims he was attacked by the patient.

“There was no DNA evidence in this case, whatsoever, except for an old, degraded bodily fluid spore,” Jamison says. “When they ran the DNA test on it, it didn’t even match me. It was completely ridiculous – no case, no evidence, and I still wound up going to jail for something I didn’t do.”

WATCH: Man Claims He Walked In On Co-Worker Engaging in Sexual Act With Patient In Hospital

In the video above, Dr. Phil reviews the DNA lab results. 

“The DNA sample does not clear your son,” Dr. Phil says to Jamison’s mother. “In fact, the DNA sample says he cannot be excluded as a major source. That doesn’t mean there might not be others in the population that could also have contributed to it. But others in the population weren’t around her, he was.”

This episode of Dr. Phil airs Tuesday. Watch more here.