John says he believes that his 12-year-old son, Jack, is possessed by evil forces. He says the boy is “extremely violent” and that “demons” are controlling him. He says he is so concerned about his son hurting him or his family, he has arranged for Jack to have an exorcism. However, John’s ex-wife, Jen, vehemently opposes that decision.

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“She needs to wake up and realize there’s dark forces,” John says.

Jen says she believes Jack suffers from a mental illness, and there’s absolutely no way she will allow him to have an exorcism. She says John’s harsh means of discipline may also be contributing to Jack’s behavior.

“John doesn’t understand what’s going on in Jack’s head. He needs to understand more, instead of just thinking that he can beat him into behaving,” Jen says.

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After speaking with the exes, Dr. Phil offers his insight. “The chance of this young man being demon possessed is something less than zero. The chance being explained by mental illness is about 100 percent,” he says. He offers to arrange for Jack to have a brain scan to determine what parts of his brain are under- and over-reactive.

“Let’s try to unring some of the bells that have been rung, and get this headed in the right way,” Dr. Phil says.

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Has Father's Discipline Of 12-Year-Old Son Gone Too Far?