Gina says her fiancée, former boxing champion Brian “The Bull” Barbosa, lives with traumatic brain injury caused by years of violent blows in the ring. She claims he also has paranoia and memory issues and that his dependency on drugs and alcohol isn’t helping.

“I could tell him something, and literally 30 seconds later, he’s asking me the same question,” she says.

Brian insists that substance abuse is not the primary problem. He says that in addition to living with traumatic brain injury, he has depression and anxiety, which makes it hard for him to focus.

“I’m worried about my thought process,” says Brian. “Every good thought and proper thought shuts down.”

Brian says that on his good days, “I’m the best person you’ll ever meet.”

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WATCH: ‘I Knew What I Was Getting Into,’ Says Fiancée Of Man Living With Traumatic Brain Injury

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