Jim and Deanne claim their sister, Lisa’s, drinking has created a lot of chaos in their family. Deanne alleges she caught Lisa stealing pain pills out of her purse, and they both claim she has physically attacked them.


Jim says he’s worried about the safety of their elderly parents.

“My dad is 92 - he’s dying with bone cancer,” says Jim. “He called me up about a month ago, and he said ‘son, the pain killers just don’t - they’re not working.’ He said ‘I can’t handle this pain.’ And I said, ‘well dad, hold on - I’ll come over.’

“So, when I went over there, and I was looking at his pain medication- they weren't pain meds. They were Gas-X pills." Jim alleges Lisa stole their father’s pain medication, which Lisa adamantly denies.

Lisa admits she became dependent on pain medication over 20 years ago when it was prescribed for an injury. She says she later turned to alcohol, because pills were “too hard to get,” though she vehemently denies being an alcoholic.

Jim, Deanne, Lisa’s daughter, Misti, and her son-in-law, Brent, all say Lisa has been both hospitalized and arrested multiple times over the years due to her ongoing substance abuse. Why does Dr. Phil say her family is “a big part of the problem?”

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