April and Nathan claim a total stranger, Ashley, has been stealing photos of their 4-year-old twin daughters for years and posting them on social media as if they were her own children – and they want it to stop.

“You’ve fooled friends, you’ve fooled family. You’ve claimed my girls as your own girls and it’s gonna … stop. I’m sick of it,” April tells Ashley in their first face-to-face encounter on Wednesday’s Dr. Phil. “You’ve ruined our lives for four years … you’ve traumatized our family. We live in fear for our children. We feel like you’ve actually kidnapped our kids.”

But, Ashley insists she has no idea what April and Nathan are talking about.

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“I have no idea why they think that,” Ashley says. “Being accused of something I didn’t do has totally thrown me for a loop.”

According to April, Ashley has been “digitally kidnapping” her twin daughters by allegedly constantly taking April’s social media photos of the girls and reposting them as her own, as if she was the girls’ mother.

During the show, Dr. Phil suggests that perhaps April and Nathan are confused about what’s been happening, as Ashley says she has twin daughters of her own, who were born around the same time as April and Nathan’s girls.

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“Maybe they look alike. Do you have pictures of your girls?” Dr. Phil asks Ashley.

“I do not,” April, who says she lost contact with her daughters when they were 7 months old because she was sent to prison and gave up her parental rights, replies. “I lost everything that I had when I went to prison. I was evicted from my house and everything in my house was gone.”

Though she says she had a Facebook account before she went to prison, Ashley says she never posted any photos of her twins on her page.

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“Have you ever posted any pictures of any babies on Facebook, theirs or anybody else’s?” Dr. Phil questions her.

“My nieces and nephews,” she says.

Watch the video above as Dr. Phil reviews Ashley’s Facebook page while she’s on stage and uncovers what he describes as “hundreds of photos of [April and Nathan]’s daughters” on her page. How does Ashley respond? Plus, in part two of the interview on Thursday, will Ashley change her tune?