Pamela says she’s at risk of going to jail for refusing to allow her ex, Justin, to have his court-ordered, unsupervised visitations with their three children.

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She claims Justin was physically abusive to her while they were dating, and is now abusing their kids.“My children tell me that they have been smacked, locked out of the house, nearly drowned, and abused,” she claims.

Continuing, Pamela claims she’s filed multiple police reports and reported Justin to the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS), “But it completely gets thrown out because there’s no physical evidence.”

Justin adamantly denies Pamela’s allegations. He claims she’s been coaching their kids to say he’s abused them, which she denies.

Pamela claims Justin is dangerous. She says she’ll “do anything” to protect her children from their father, but does she say she’s willing to go to jail? Tune in to Tuesday’s Dr. Phil.

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