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          Is Your Mother Ruining Your Life?

          Do you hate your mom? Is your mother doing anything she can to break up your relationship?

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          Chaos In Your Life?

          Are you or a loved one struggling to get through any of the following situations: Surviving Infidelity, Wrongly Accused of a Crime, Wrongly Accused of Rape, Navigating A Nasty Divorce, Interracial Marriages Facing Cultural Clashes?

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          Problems With Your Teen?

          Does he or she run the household? Constantly talking back to you?

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          Accusations Causing a Rift In Your Relationship?

          Are there serious accusations that are causing a major rift in your relationship?

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          Explosive Family Drama?

          Are you and your family members in constant turmoil?

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          Caught in Conflict?

          Are you caught in the middle of overwhelming conflict?

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          Is A Narcissist Ruining Your Life?

          Are you in love with a narcissist? Do they behave in a way that leaves you confused, distressed and fearful?

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          Family Feuding Over Money?

          Are you in a dispute with a friend or family member over a will, estate issue, prenup, post nup or any other money matter?

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          Terrible Lies!

          Has a lie ruined your family? Or is it time to make a confession? Want to stop living a lie?

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