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August 2013

Friday, August 30
From Star Athlete to Call Girl

Thursday, August 29
Gorgeous, Gifted and Brutal

Wednesday, August 28
"My Controlling Mother Wants My Fiancé Gone"

Tuesday, August 27
"It's Either Me or Your Deadbeat Son" Part 2: Meet Grandma

Monday, August 26
"It’s Either Me or Your Deadbeat Son"

Friday, August 23
"Trapped by My Cop Abuser: Why Won't Anyone Believe Me?"

Thursday, August 22
Parenting Disaster: Extreme Excuses

Wednesday, August 21
Missing or Murdered: Where is 15-Year-Old Erica? Part 2: The Polygraph

Tuesday, August 20
Missing or Murdered: Where is 15-Year-Old Erica?

Monday, August 19
Turning a Blind Eye?

Friday, August 16
"Give Me Back My Son"

Thursday, August 15
10 Kids, 1 Affair: The Ultimate Divide?

Wednesday, August 14
"Confronting the Girl Who Shot Me in the Face"

Tuesday, August 13
Reality Teen Princess Arrested

Monday, August 12
Catfish with a Twist

Friday, August 09
Disruptive Daughters

Thursday, August 08
Peeping Tom Husband: Hidden Webcam and Secret Videos

Wednesday, August 07
"My Son Picked the Wrong Fiancée"

Tuesday, August 06
"Scared of My Spouse"

Monday, August 05
Teen Pregnancy Trap?

Friday, August 02
Skeptics Beware: The Psychic Intuitives Are Here

Thursday, August 01
Desperate Searches