CASA Success Stories

Sometimes, it takes just one person to change a child's life forever. Learn how CASA volunteers are giving abused and neglected children a voice — and a second chance.

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Maynard still has his Eagle Scout certificate, but the badge he earned more than six decades ago is now inspiring another boy.

"I loved my old Eagle Scout badge, I was more proud of that badge than any of the medals I got in the Korean War. But I said to myself, 'You know, that old Eagle Scout badge has been in the attic for almost 60 years. Why not put it to use?'"

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After suffering abuse and neglect, Ke'onte has now been adopted by a loving family.

"You mean they picked me? Out of anyone else in the world, they picked me?" 

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“Until Leslie became my CASA volunteer,” says Nina, “I didn’t know what it was like to have someone on my side."

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Through the most challenging times in her life, Nina says she found solace in two things: her CASA volunteer, Leslie, and poetry.

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Connor, Melissa and Albert

After suffering neglect and facing possible separation, Connor, Melissa and Albert are together, safe in the embrace of a loving family.

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Dashun says he went from "victim to victorious" with the help of his CASA volunteer.

Dashun shares the story of his path from being an abused boy to co-author of the Nevada Foster Care Bill of Rights and a 2012 Congressional Coalition on Adoption congressional intern. 

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